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EA and Maxis appear to be considering implementing an offline mode for SimCity, a survey posted on Reddit has revealed.

The survey asks those taking part to rank their interest in a host of "potential features changes to SimCity gameplay".

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New features include the god-like ability to terraform, lowering or raising the terrain to create mountain, rivers and lakes. Also listed is a store called the SimCity Exchange, from which players can access and download content made and shared by other players.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is something called "Classic Mode", which is playable in "offline or online mode". No further mention of offline mode is made, but this could be what players have been crying out for since launch.

Classic Mode allows players to create a single, fully functioning city, using cheats and unlocks to build the perfect city. Analysis

SimCity uses the cloud, which is - allegedly - why the game requires users to be online. If an offline mode is introduced it would be interesting to see how EA explains its inclusion.

Source: Reddit

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I honestly do enjoy SimCity, and it's annoying with the online needed features, but i'm not bothered if it stays or not.

More of the above features included would enhance the game considerably, and would be great
Posted 19:08 on 03 July 2013

BrySkye@ MJTH

A patch?

I think an expansion pack is more likely, ala, Rush Hour for Sim City 4.
Posted 17:19 on 03 July 2013
MJTH's Avatar


The biggest problem that the new Sim City has in terms of it's content, (ignoring the always online, and broken/ buggy mechanics). Is a lack of Terraforming, the lack of bigger cities, and the one the annoys me the most, the lack of a subway system. I mean, they have buses, coaches, trains, trams, planes, and ZEPPELINS, but not a subway system.

The problem is at this point if they include these features in a future patch, I'm not sure what EA would really gain from it. People would just get angry about not having these features to begin with. And I'm not how many people would suddenly turn around and buy the game, after months of backlash.
Posted 16:54 on 03 July 2013

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