xbox one 11 -
xbox one 11 -

Pre-orders for Xbox One have been "very strong", GAME has told, despite the console being on the receiving end of widespread criticism from much of the gaming community.

"We've seen great activity both in-store and online with very strong pre-order numbers," said a GAME representative discussing Microsoft's next-gen console. "There are a lot of gamers out there in the UK gaming community who can't wait to get their hands on the console."

Though GAME opted not to reveal how pre-orders for Microsoft's console compared to those of PS4, the retailer says that both next-gen consoles have been "performing strongly" in the market following their announcement.

"Both Sony and Microsoft have extremely dedicated fanbases here in the UK," the rep continued, "and pre-orders for both of these next generation consoles have been performing strongly following their announcement."

Both consoles were priced during last week's E3. Xbox One goes on sale this November for £429, with PS4 launching this Christmas for £349.

GAME also told that it will be working "hand-in-hand with publishers" on the issue of Xbox One's DRM and the sale of pre-owned software.

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Karlius's Avatar


I'm guessing that the Microsoft store will have an XBox One in it when I visit the states in September? That maybe when I either place a pre-order or stick to the 360 for a bit longer and see how the first couple of months pan out.
Posted 09:24 on 19 June 2013
alphafour's Avatar

alphafour@ FantasyMeister

Perhaps they're getting a good deal from Microsoft for opening that Xbox only store.
Posted 02:26 on 19 June 2013

BrySkye@ Purple_eye

I did check your profile first, but no info. ;)

Pretty much when they say "Holiday Season" in America, I translate that directly into "Christmas", in much the same way that they have a tendency to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Happy Christmas".

But yeah, last year I was starting to see Christmas decorations for sale actually alongside Halloween stuff. That was a first and just flat-out ridiculous.
Posted 22:58 on 18 June 2013
Purple_eye's Avatar

Purple_eye@ BrySkye

I am a brit myself :) (WHITE ROSE!!!!!!) and your right, last year i think a heard Slade in October which should be a crime!
Posted 22:52 on 18 June 2013

BrySkye@ Purple_eye

Purple_eye, I can assure you that at least in Britain, all the Christmas decorations will be going up around stores and towns in early November. Pretty much as soon as Halloween is finished.

It's near as makes no difference as far as we are concerned. :P

In the UK, we tend to say the Christmas shopping period starts around early November, with one last big crunch a week or two before the day itself.
Posted 22:28 on 18 June 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I'm still a bit baffled how GAME are going to cover the £20 pre-orders at launch. Which distributor in their right mind is going to let GAME have 200,000 consoles on credit? Even if GAME get them for £320 that's still £60m they have to find from somewhere.
Posted 21:48 on 18 June 2013
Endless's Avatar


Strength is determined by comparison, nothing to compare something to? Then it can't be measured. Pure marketing drivel.
Posted 21:37 on 18 June 2013
Purple_eye's Avatar


"PS4 launching this Christmas" did i miss some big announcement?????
I know it said holiday 2013 at the launch event, but the "holiday season" in America (where the event was held) traditionally starts on black friday which this year is Nov 29th. So saying Christmas may be a bit misleading.
Posted 21:07 on 18 June 2013


New consoles always pre order well don't they? At least I would guess consoles from MS and Sony at the least.

Launch, in any sense, is fine for sales, the most difficult and crucial part is keeping those sales going on and on, having steady-ish returns on it. The WiiU sales were dipping greatly because it lost interest really quickly, mainly from the lack of third party games enticing gamers to buy it.
The XboxO will have the difficulty of its internet based features primarily outraging customers who didn't realise about the online features. Time will ultimately tell, though.
Posted 20:52 on 18 June 2013


Going back a bit, but does anyone else remember when the Sega Saturn launched in Europe and was supplied with a Scart cable only, at a time when only newish TV's actually had a Scart socket?
I remember the Christmas I got a Saturn, I also had to get a new portable TV in order to play it at all.
Fortunately, the shop assistants in Dixons actually told my parents that would be necessary, otherwise it would have been a very disappointing Christmas day.
...Mind you, unlike GAME (or as it was, Future Zone and Electronics Boutique), Dixons actually sold TVs, so it was in their interests to be informative!

Just a musing. The online requirement for the Xbox One is probably less of a hindrance at the present time, at least in the UK, than the Scart one for the Saturn, but nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see how things pan out amongst any potentially less informed customers.

Though Microsoft do have a way of getting around the problem of countries that don't yet support Xbox Live. They just aren't launching Xbox Ones there until they do (sorry, Poland and Portugal).
Posted 14:41 on 18 June 2013
alphafour's Avatar


The Xbox One is probably doing so well because GAME staff are holding back on telling customers about the X1's new DRM policies.
Posted 14:25 on 18 June 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ CheekyLee

It probably is a coincidence. Even if Microsoft had a hand in that store, what do either party gain by telling people that pre-orders are good.

I think this is probably quite believable. I bought a Wii U at launch, I can see a lot of people buying the XB1 at launch as well.

However, the important thing to think about is how long this machine's tail will be. Uniformed people without internet will buy this only to be disappointed that it won't work and will want their money. Someone will obviously try and sue. The news will get around and the negativity surrounding the machine will cut long term sales.

And then you have to take in to account that the XB1 won't be launching worldwide, unlike the PS4. Even if we take Japan out of the picture (because Xbox never sells there), many countries in europe and asia, aren't going to be supported in the new Xbox live including Poland, the home country of the Witcher 3 developer. And therefore since these countries dont have Xbox live servers that will support the Xbox One, they obviously won't be getting the console either. This will cut potential sales as well.

There will always be supporters in the UK and the US at launch. It's world wide sales that will suffer in the long and short terms.
Posted 13:31 on 18 June 2013
altaranga's Avatar


This is the same company who went into administration last year, right?

All I'm suggesting is that their version of 'very strong' might not be the same as everyone else's.
Posted 13:24 on 18 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar


I know many people who have pre-ordered either console. Most in my circle of mates have gone XB1 and most have (unbeknown to me why) chosen Game as their retailer of choice.
Posted 13:22 on 18 June 2013
CheekyLee's Avatar


Obviously, this is merely coincidence...
Posted 12:52 on 18 June 2013
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