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PS4 and Xbox One will both support a unified memory access system known as hUMA, despite earlier reports that this was a feature only found on the PS4.

Earlier this week it was reported that AMD's senior product marketing manager Marc Diana had told press that only the PS4 had support for the hUMA shared memory area.

AMD later released a statement, stating Diana had "made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures."

However, it turns out that the Xbox One does in fact feature a memory implementation comparable to hUMA.

A certified Xbox One developer took to Reddit to clear up the situation.

"Somebody had PM'ed me earlier linking to the Ars article on how the PS4 has a big advantage over the Xbox one due to hUMA. This was apparently said by some AMD marketing manager.

"I haven't heard of hUMA until today, so I went to look it up. The way I understand it is that in addition to having unified memory access (shared memory between CPU and GPU), which allows the GPU to read CPU memory, it is also a coherent cache system."

The dev added: "I remember reading something on this when I got my first alpha kit. I pulled up a couple of our internal white papers and it's pretty clear that this was the exact implementation in the Xbox One's memory system.

So there you go, both systems will support hUMA or an equivalent system, but what exactly does this mean? Well, AMD says that hUMA promises to deliver more performance from the same form factor, which means both the PS4 and Xbox One may actually be more powerful than the hardware specs led us to believe.

The chip maker also says that the tech will help lower development costs thanks to a more efficient architecture, which in turn means less people will be needed to do the same work.

Source: Reddit

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Johnnydragon's Avatar


However, it turns out that the Xbox One does in fact feature a memory implementation comparable to hUMA; Comparable is not hUMA could be move drivers not an expert title doesn't say comparable ! and this site has changed IMO REMEMBER rumor about Micro paying people like up on reddit spotted by contractor it sad really
Posted 02:05 on 11 September 2013
Akuma07's Avatar


The fact that this developer didn't even know what hUMA was until today, makes him sound a LOT less credible.

"I had never heard of hUMA until today, but yes the Xbox One has that" lol wtf?

but yeah, jmcm's comment is correct.
Posted 04:24 on 26 August 2013
jmcm's Avatar


The Dev is wrong.

hUMA requires bi-directional coherence between the CPU and GPU.

The Xbox One's CPU is fully coherent, but the GPU is only I/O coherent. So while the GPU can probe the CPU's cache, the CPU has no direct access to the GPU's cache. And for the CPU to see any GPU-modified data, it must first be flushed from the GPU's cache.
Posted 20:22 on 23 August 2013
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