ps4 box1 -
ps4 box1 -

Sony is considering releasing multiple PlayStation 4 hardware SKUs when the console goes on sale in Europe later this year, potentially bundling in additional software and accessories.

When quizzed by MCV about the prospect of launching a PS4 software bundle, or 'a bundle with the new PlayStation Camera', SCEE CEO Jim Ryan revealed, "That is something we are looking at.

"In Europe we have had success with offering premium propositions that offer great value. We honestly have not made any decisions about what we are doing at launch. But it is something we are looking at."

If Sony does decide to release multiple PS4 SKUs, however, don't expect to see different size hard drives. All PlayStation 4 consoles are expected to ship with a 500GB HDD.

PlayStation 4 goes on sale this Christmas for £349.

Source: MCV | Friday June 21

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ShadowmanX5's Avatar


This would be amazing if they did a PS4 + Vita bundle o_O I've been meaning to get the Vita for a while now but haven't really had much motivation. But if this were the case I'd be on it straight away...then completely skint straight after
Posted 14:49 on 21 June 2013
THU31's Avatar


You do not even have to download anything from PS+. Just add it to the cart and complete the free purchase. After that it will forever be on your download list.
Posted 14:01 on 21 June 2013
Los_VALOS's Avatar


If you've got a decent connection you can just delete your digital downloads when you've stopped playing them. Great thing with PS+ is that as long as you've downloaded it once, even when it leaves the Instant Game Collection you can still just download it again for free.
Or maybe it's not that special? Well it's handy at least. 500GBs of plenty.
Posted 13:53 on 21 June 2013
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