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Microsoft UK bosses have suggested that whatever Sony announces next week won't damage Xbox 360.

Speaking to MCV, Microsoft UK's senior regional director Jonathan Grimes claimed that "the majority of consumers in the UK won't know" about the product Sony is set to reveal next week - which many expect will be PlayStation 4 - and that it is important to "remember who is buying [consoles] right now".

"Whatever gets announced on February 20, the majority of consumers in the UK won't know," said Grimes. "They'll still want to buy the devices out there. So in terms of noise our job will be to ensure that the consumers are going into stores, going online, still see and experience Xbox, rather than get lost in the industry chatter.

"Whatever is announced is important from an industry perspective, but we must remember who is buying right now."

Grimes comments were backed up by Xbox marketing director Harvey Eagle, who suggested that the firm didn't know what Sony was planning to announce next week.

"All we know [is] that there is an event planned on February 20," said Eagle. "So we can only wait and see what is announced.

"We are very happy with our offering at the moment. Our software market share in value was 55 per cent. So we are pretty happy."

But even with the PlayStation 4's announcement looming, Grimes suggests that a price cut for Xbox 360 isn't on the cards.

"We're comfortable with the position and our market share," Grimes said when asked about the console's price. "So there are no plans to address anything.

"The market has changed. We changed it by introducing Xbox LIVE and being able to update Xbox 360. The console that you bought when we launch versus the one today is totally different. And this has enabled us to get the install base we have - an install base that wants to buy games.

"We need to be careful about wishing for constant 'new'. We should look at how we can benefit from what is already out."

Source: MCV | Friday February 15 2013 Issue

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CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Endless

PlayStation took the lead that it did because Sony marketed it far better than any console previously had been. It was pushed as a "cool lifestyle accessory", with rooms in nightclubs and TV ads that escaped the idea that games were just for kids. Nintendo then did a similar trick with Wii, selling a way for everybody in the family to play together, instead of just the teenage boy.

Historically rubbish? Quite the opposite. The best console of the generation never wins, just the bet marketed one.
Posted 12:08 on 15 February 2013
Karlius's Avatar


This shambolic advert was at the hight of Sony's useless advertising.

Ooo we own Tinie Tempah's song we have a new game release stick it on there don't worry if either blend.

YouTube Video

Since then their adverts have become far better. But nothing beats the creativity of the xbox adds from a few years ago.

YouTube Video

What is talked about in the above story is that the hardcore of us will watch and know what is announced on the 20th as we take an interest however the majority of people won't know about this until they see it advertised in the shops closer to release date.
Posted 09:39 on 15 February 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ munkee

Thats not how I interpret it. It speaks to me more that MS has little confidence, based on past experiences, that Sony has learnt any lessons in marketing it's console products. Nintendo and Sony both are historically rubbish at marketing and brand awareness, I'd wager a lot of your average consumer won't know the PS4 exists until they see it in a shop or advertised during xfactor.
Posted 15:24 on 14 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar


It really depends on how quickly Sony start marketing the PS4 to the public. The announcement will effect sales, but it won't effect them straight away. It will be more of a gradual depletion.

Besides the kind of people who are buying 360's now, so late on in it's life, either want to replace an older/ broken model, or are new to gaming and can't be bothered to wait 6 months for the newer consoles, or lastly aren't the kind of people who will buy the PS4/ nextbox at launch anyway.
Posted 13:31 on 14 February 2013
munkee's Avatar


Whatever gets announced on February 20, the majority of consumers in the UK won't know,

I'm going to translate that for you.

"The moment that a PS4 announcement is made we here at Microsoft are going to grab a few million quid out of our budget and flood every possible marketing platform with Xbox related promotion. We'll take over your internet, television and listening platforms. There will be so much Xbox noise that you won't be able to hear, or see anything Playstation through it all."

It's simple marketing strategies. Most money spent wins.
Posted 12:03 on 14 February 2013
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