ps4 vita1111 -
ps4 vita1111 -

UPDATE: An image of the bundle, pictured above, has been discovered in this week's issue of MCV, confirming a December release. Sony has yet to confirm a price.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Sony is set to introduce a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Ultimate Bundle before Christmas, bundling both pieces of hardware together in a single package, MCV reports.

A price and release date for the bundle has not been released, nor has Sony formally announced the package. has contacted SCEE for comment.

Rumours of a PS4 & PS Vita bundle first appeared this summer after website Inside Gaming Daily claimed to have been told that a bundle will release "at the end of the year" for "around $500" (~£325).

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK next Friday, November 29.


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djnicey's Avatar


If this is the same price as the xbox, MS may as well rename their console Xbox done.
Posted 21:17 on 25 November 2013


Great idea, wonder if it'll actually shift many units, though it might purely on Christmas market alone.
Posted 22:36 on 22 November 2013
Bretty's Avatar


I imagine it would be £475-£500. If it is less than that then it is an absolute steal, especially as more and more cross play games pop up.

Only bought my Vita in September for £169. I should've held off it seems… but then I did really want to play Persona 4 Golden and have sunk 35 hours into it...
Posted 14:45 on 22 November 2013


Should be £430 same price as Xbox One, would sell like hot cakes.
Posted 12:47 on 22 November 2013
alphafour's Avatar


I suppose we can expect it here for about £450 then = £100 for a Vita isn't bad going especially when you can play all your PS4 games on it!
Posted 12:32 on 22 November 2013
Lezflano's Avatar


If it was 500 euros I'd gladly pay for it that would be amazing value with the Vita
Posted 12:30 on 22 November 2013
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