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Nintendo release schedule update

Nintendo has released its release schedule covering titles that we can expect to see from now until the end of March 2006.

Publish date 1:27pm at 03 Nov 2005

Nintendo to distribute Capcom titles in Europe

Capcom's DS and Cube titles to be released in Q1 2006 by Nintendo Europe.

Publish date 11:13am at 03 Nov 2005

Eidos to publish LEGO Star Wars on GameCube

Eidos has announced that it will publish LEGO Star Wars for the Nintendo GameCube.

Publish date 1:48pm at 26 Oct 2005

Mario Party 7 GameCube bundle

Nintendo is releasing a Mario Party 7 GameCube bundle in North America.

Publish date 2:35pm at 11 Oct 2005

Mario Baseball swings into action November 11th

Nintendo has announced that Mario Baseball for the GameCube will arrive on November 9th across Europe.

Publish date 3:09pm at 26 Sep 2005

Battalion Wars confirmed for Europe on December 9th

Nintendo Europe has today confirmed that Battalion Wars for the GameCube will hit retail shelves across Europe on December 9th.

Publish date 2:25pm at 26 Sep 2005

Dancing Stage: Mario Mix due in October

Get down with Mario DDR style on the GameCube this October.

Publish date 12:23pm at 30 Aug 2005

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness set for November release

Shadow Pokémon are everywhere at it's up to you to save them.

Publish date 11:25am at 30 Aug 2005

Nintendo Europe announce Q4 2005 line-up

New hardware and many exciting games due before Christmas.

Publish date 4:07pm at 17 Aug 2005

Mario Smash Football dated for Europe

Nintendo has announced that Mario Smash Football will be released on 18th November in Europe.

Publish date 10:57am at 17 Aug 2005

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess delayed

Nintendo confirms that their shining light this winter, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, has been delayed until 2006.

1 Publish date 10:53am at 16 Aug 2005

Nintendo show 78.5% drop in profit

Nintendo's first quarter earnings show a drop of 78.5 percent in profit, compared to the previous year.

Publish date 11:05am at 29 Jul 2005

Super Mario Strikers renamed for Europe

Super Mario Strikers, one of a number Super Mario branded games coming from Nintendo this year, has been given a name change for Europe.

Publish date 2:09pm at 28 Jul 2005

Wind Waker director says it was dull

Shigeru Miyamoto and Wind Waker director Eiji Aonuma have accepted that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was below par.

Publish date 2:47pm at 25 Jul 2005

Nintendo All Stars go on road trip

Nintendo games hit the road this summer in the Nintendo All Stars 05 Tour.

Publish date 12:44pm at 24 Jun 2005
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