Yesterday, published an article alleging that EA had ceased development on Dead Space 4 and that the franchise had been effectively axed, after the most recent game in the series, Dead Space 3, allegedly failed to meet sales targets.

Our story details Visceral Montreal's alleged involvement with the unannounced project and referenced previous rumours of the studio's supposed closure.

The information was provided to us by a trusted source: an individual whose identity we agreed to protect, but whose background and statements gave us valid reason to trust their claims. We contacted Electronic Arts UK PR at 12:31 GMT on Monday, March 4, to ask whether they could confirm or deny that Dead Space 4 had been cancelled, or provide any further comment on the future of the series. This is standard industry practice.

In response, EA's UK representative asked us whether we would be willing to hold the story until the following day, Tuesday, March 5, to provide the publisher with more time to get a response from its US team.

After initially declining EA’s request, we later decided that waiting for an official response from the publisher would be the best course of action. At 16:34 GMT we informed EA UK that we would be holding the story overnight - as per their initial request - in the hope of receiving an official response.

On Tuesday morning, having informed the US team of our request, EA UK informed that it does not comment on rumour and speculation. The story was published at 10:36 GMT to include this response, 22 hours after our initial correspondence with the publisher.

At 15:41 GMT, quotes alleging to be from EA appeared online. "Rumors about poor Dead Space 3 sales and an unannounced Dead Space 4 being cancelled are "patently false," EA tells us. Spread the word!", read a Gamasutra tweet. GameSpot also updated its story with an identical quote, again having claimed to have received the statement from EA.

With some confusion, we contacted EA UK to question the origin and legitimacy of this differing statement, which appeared to have been released to US media hours after we were told EA would not be providing comment.

At 16:09 GMT, EA UK informed us that it was now issuing media with a statement, which read: “While we have not announced sales of Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA.”

At this point there was still no mention of the “patently false” quote. At 16:35 GMT, EA UK told us that EA US had not issued any statement other than the one quoted above. At 16:39 GMT, we again questioned EA UK where the “patently false” quote had originated from. At 16:40 GMT, EA UK informed us that EA’s US team had not spoken to Gamasutra.

At 20:07 GMT, EA UK informed us that the US had prepared a revised statement, which was being issued to media on request. It stated: “These rumours are patently false. While we have not released sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it continues to be an important IP to EA. Appreciate your help bringing down this baseless rumour.” At the same time, it confirmed that its Corporate Comms team - not US PR - had spoken to Gamasutra.

We later noticed that at 14:58 GMT, Creative Director at Electronic Arts and ex Art Director on Dead Space, Ian Milham, tweeted to say that “Almost nothing in that article is true. But thanks for the nice words on DS!”. would never publish information from a source whose identity could not be verified, or that we do not believe to be accurate. We carried out internal checks to verify the validity of the comments made by our source - and while we have a duty of care to protect their identity - we stand by the comments made in the original story.

We would also like to reiterate that we ran the story in good faith, taking the necessary steps with both EA and our source to ensure that the story was as accurate, fair, and well-represented as possible.

We find it perplexing as to why EA changed its stance on its decision not to comment on rumours and speculation, especially given the opportunities that the publisher had to clarify the situation before and after published the story. We firmly deny any accusations of fabrication on our part.

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User Comments

s_h_a_d_o's Avatar

s_h_a_d_o@ Bloodstorm

Pots & kettles, n'est-ce pas?
Posted 21:30 on 06 March 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


@whoopi You really don't visit this site much, do you?

That was a long read VG, and it was pretty bloody dull too, but at least it's clear what happened. It seems like such a non-event, but hey, it is what it is.
Posted 20:34 on 06 March 2013
Silvereye's Avatar


To me, VG even publishing their initial article about all this simply screams of more unjustified, misplaced hate against DS3, prob. stemming from a general loathing of EA. I don't care for them much either but come on, they gave the game a ridiculously unfair score of 50 and that is the lowest score by any critic online! They game simply rocks - is FULL of scares, great action moments, and I had a blast with customization without making a single microtransaction. So is it really surprising or a coincidence that VG, out of all the different publications out there, was THE 1st to make such claims about the series?! They're either trying to capitalize on sensationalistic journalism and/or trying to divert attention away from an obviously misguided, overly biased review, to avoid bad publicity themselves. It's too late for that now, VG.
Posted 20:28 on 06 March 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar


I wonder if it would have been the same response from EA if it had involved a larger gaming site...?
Posted 20:12 on 06 March 2013
whoopi's Avatar


You really are the worst gaming site ever. What's the endgame plan with these made-up news stories? Grabbing fast Ad-revenues and then run off to start new careers as garbage men? It really should be you know.
Posted 20:08 on 06 March 2013
munkee's Avatar


Pah, politics.

Honestly, I don't care how my TV works. I just enjoy watching it. You digit? Don't let this industry dig its claws in. You've already discussed whether you'll be accepting gifts from publishers, or not. That's none of our business. It's simply the perk of your jobs. You tell us how many hours you put into games and how many side quests you played, because you succumbed to peer pressure. Shouldn't matter. Reviews are opinions, not facts. Now this overly dramatic statement about VG vs. EA. Man, you're coming across incredibly paranoid lately :/

Just be cool. Say what you feel like saying and ***** what others think. That's character. Unless you're trying to be the next corporate web giant, but last time I checked they weren't getting much respect from anybody. It pains me to say it, as I *****ing love you guys, but I've actually found myself returning to Destructoid more & more lately. It's a personality thing.
Posted 20:04 on 06 March 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


It must be a harsh feeling to be accused of lying by EA of all people.
Posted 20:01 on 06 March 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


In all honesty from my POV it sounds like damage control on EA's part and are worried this might effect sales of Dead Space 3.

And again if being honest and I was in EA's shoes, I would have done the same thing. Not nice/honest or whatever but that is the media business in general.

Fair play to VG by telling the truth on the matter, I take their word over a corporation who happily release Battlefield 3 totally broken to customers and charging full whack for it.
Posted 19:47 on 06 March 2013
MJTH's Avatar


It's annoying that in this technological age of near instant communication over the internet and telephone, that it's still hard to get quotes out of people. It's quite unfair if VG ends up looking bad for this after having talked official PR before the release of the article and getting no "proper" official statement. The worse part is there's nothing really to be learnt from this. You can't really say that the article in question should of been labelled as a rumour, if it comes from a source within the company. There wasn't a really a miscommunication, just a switch in stance at the last minute on EA's part.
Posted 19:33 on 06 March 2013

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