PS4 Reveal Live: Feb 20, 11pm GMT - Chat with staff - Live Chat

Sony is set to reveal the PlayStation 4 at an event in New York on Wednesday Feb 20, with things kicking off at 11pm GMT.

It's been a long time coming, but the first next-gen console is about to be revealed. Sony is holding a massive event in New York on Wednesday, Feb 20, and you can watch it all live here from 11pm GMT.

As well as being able to take in all the news, you can chat with fellow VG community members and talk with the VideoGamer.,com staff. Dave Scammell will hopefully be bringing us live updates from the event, but the rest of the guys will be following along with you at home (not in your homes, but on the live stream).

We've have some PS event Bingo cards to play along with at home, so be sure to have that ready for the live stream.

PS4 Reveal Live: Feb 20, 11pm GMT - Chat with staff - Live Chat (Chat Rules)

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