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What Is Allods Online?

Allods Online is a breathtaking and revolutionary subscriptionless MMORPG, featuring AAA quality with no subscriptions, ever!

Published in Europe by and developed by Astrum Nival. It's the largest game development project in Russian history.

It features over state-of-the-art graphics, over 1700 quests, two factions, six races, 28 classes, a vast game world, Players vs Players, Guilds vs Guilds, player built space ships opening the gameplay to space exploration, Ships vs Ships space battles and space encounters.

Allods Online has been awarded Best Game 2009 and Audience Choice Award from the Russian Game Developers Conference. MMOSite awarded Allods Online with the most anticipated MMO, and it was also shortlisted for Best Online Game in the 2010 Golden Joystick Awards.

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Castle of Heroes

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