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Mau Cryst is an Ice element Pal in Palworld. It is commonly found around the Astral Mountains region, but an easy way to obtain Mau Cryst is through breeding. It has the Gold Digger Partner Skill, and can drop Sapphire and Ice Organ.


Mau Cryst closely resembles its dark counterpart, featuring light blue fur in place of the black fur and dark blue ornaments that were once gold. The collar and bell-shaped tail are also crystalline, along with a blue crystal on its forehead, believed to be the Sapphire it drops.

Paldeck Entry

Mau Cryst paldeck entry

Paldeck Number

Mau Cryst's entry in the Paldeck codex is 024B.


Mau Cryst's element is Ice type, meaning it is weak to Fire Pals but strong against Dragon Pals.

Hunger Level

Mau Cryst's Hunger Level is 1, indicating a hunger bar of 100 points.

Paldeck Entry Description

Its crystalline tail is beautiful, but shatters when this Pal dies. Some believe it is good luck to raise one, so Mau Cryst in captivity are treated with great care.

Work Suitability

  • Cooling Level 1
  • Farming Level 1


Mau Cryst in the wild Mau Cryst friendly to player Petting Mau Cryst Pal

Pal Item Drops

When Mau Cryst is killed or caught, it drops the following items:

  • Ice Organ
  • Sapphire

Partner Skills

Mau Cryst has the following default Partner Skill, which cannot be changed.

  • Gold Digger

This Partner Skill allows Mau Cryst to be assigned at a Ranch to produce passive Gold Coins.


Mau Cryst can also learn the following skills automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Ice Missile (Ice)
  • Level 7 - Air Cannon (Neutral)
  • Level 15 - Sand Blast (Ground)
  • Level 22 - Icicle Cutter (Ice)
  • Level 20 - Iceberg (Ice)
  • Level 40 - Cryst Breath (Ice)
  • Level 50 - Blizzard Spike (Ice)

Breeding Combinations

Here's a list of Pals that can be bred to obtain Mau Cryst.

  • Pengullet x Mau
  • Mau Cryst x Mau Cryst