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Jolthog is an Electric element type Pal in Palworld. This creature is available around the Bridge of the Twin Knights, its Partner Skill is Jolt Bomb. Jolthog drops Electric Organ when being killed, captured, or butchered.


Jolthog closely resembles a hedgehog but with a few distinctive differences. It has yellow quills that cover its entire back. Its large, round ears are incredibly adorable and complement its cute face perfectly. Jolthog also has small and short feet.

Paldeck Entry

Jolthog in Palworld

Paldeck Number

The Jolthog's entry in the Paldeck codex is 012.


Jolthog's element is Electric element type. This type is strong against Water type but ineffective against Ground type.

Hunger Rate

Jolthog's hunger rate is 2, which indicates that Jolthog doesn't require frequent meals.

Paldeck Entry Description

Releases the electricity stored in it's body when under attack, producing a shock that can be over 10 million volts. If thrown, it can even be more lethal than any conventional heavy weaponry.

Work Suitability

  • Generating Electricity Level 1


Jolthog in Palworld Jolthog in Palworld Jolthog in Palworld

Pal Item Drops

  • Electric Organ

Partner Skills

Jolthog has the following default Partner Skill, which cannot be changed.

  • Jolt Bomb


Jolthog can also learn the following skills automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Shockwave (Electric)
  • Level 7 - Power Shot (Neutral)
  • Level 15 - Electric Ball (Electric)
  • Level 22 - Power Bomb (Neutral)
  • Level 30 - Tri-Lightning (Electric)
  • Level 40 - Lightning Streak (Electric)
  • Level 50 - Lightning Bolt (Electric)

Breeding Combination

Here's the list of all breeding combos that Jolthog takes part in:

  • Pengullet + Jolthog = Jolthog Cryst
  • Sparkit + Jolthog = Hoocrates
  • Foxparks + Jolthog = Depresso
  • Jolthog + Mossanda = Dumud
  • Jolthog + Celaray = Leezpunk
  • Jolthog + Gumoss = Swee