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Bristla is a Grass element Pal in Palworld. Bristla can be found in Ancient Ritual Site or purchased from the Pal Merchant for 1140 Gold. Its Partner skill is Princess Gaze and it drops Wheat Seeds and Lettuce Seeds when killed, butchered, or captured.


Bristla resembles a rose with sharp thorns radiating around its lower part. The main colors of Bristla are dark and light green. It has long, thick hair that is red and adorned with numerous sharp thorns, similar to the lower part of its body.

Paldeck Number

The Bristla's entry in the Paldeck codex is 030.


As a Grass element in Palworld, Bristla is effective against Ground element Pals. On the other hand, it's weak against Fire element Pals.

Hunger Rate

Bristla's hunger rate is 5. It often requires feeding with food to sustain its needs.

Paldeck Entry Description

This prickly Pal's thorns are highly poisonous. It is friendly with Cinnamoth and only smiles when Cinnamoth is drinking its nectar.

Work Suitability

  • Planting Level 1
  • Handiwork Level 1
  • Gathering Level 1
  • Medicine Production Level 2
  • Transporting Level 1

Pal Item Drops

  • Wheat Seeds
  • Lettuce Seeds

Partner Skills

Bristla has the following default Partner Skill, which cannot be changed.

  • Princess Gaze


Bristla can also learn the following skills automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Wind Cutter (Grass)
  • Level 7 - Seed Machine Gun (Grass)
  • Level 15 - Ice Missile (Ice)
  • Level 22 - Grass Tornado (Grass)
  • Level 30 - Iceberg (Ice)
  • Level 40 - Spine Vine (Grass)
  • Level 50 - Solar Blast (Grass)

Breeding Combination

Here's the list of all breeding combos that Bristla takes part in: