Starfield:Special Projects

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Special Projects
Special Projects
Skill Tree Science
Skill Tier Master
Utility Crafting

In Starfield, Special Projects is a skill in the Science category. By levelling up this skill, players will gain access to new research projects and gain the ability to craft rare components. As a Master-tier skill, players will need to invest 12 skill points in Science skills before it can be unlocked. Later ranks are locked behind challenges.

Special Projects skill ranks

Special Projects skill ranks in Starfield
Skill rank Description Challenge
Rank 1 You can research experimental projects at a Research Lab. Craft 10 common or uncommon manufactured components.
Rank 2 You can craft rare manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench. Craft 10 rare manufactured components.
Rank 3 You can craft exotic manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench. Craft 10 exotic manufactured components.
Rank 4 You can craft unique manufactured components at an Industrial Workbench. Outpost extractors have a chance to produce additional resources. N/A

How to progress Special Projects in Starfield

Progression is straight forward, the more you're crafting the higher the chances are to the skill being levelled up.

If you enjoy crafting, it's an essential skill to have and anyone interested in the Crafting in the game should go for the max.