Starfield:Ship Modules

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In Starfield, modules are specific parts of ships that each have a distinct functionality. They are an integral part of ship customization in the game. Modules can be changed, swapped, and upgraded, allowing players to customize their ships according to their requirements and preferences.

Ship Module Types

The foundation of the game’s ship customization lies in these modules, which are divided into several distinct types:

  • Landing Bay: The designated area for embarking and disembarking from your spacecraft.
  • Cargo Hold: A space dedicated to storing various resources and items.
  • Cockpit: The area where the pilot sits, which may also include some cargo storage and crew slots.
  • Cowling: Protective cowls and structural elements that add to your ship's aesthetics and resilience.
  • Docker: A module meant for docking with other ships and space stations.
  • Engine: Encompasses the systems responsible for propulsion and boosting.
  • Fuel Tank: Used to store liquid and gas resources, like Helium-3.
  • Gravity Drive: An essential module that facilitates inter-system jumps.
  • Habitation (Hab) Units: Specific areas within the ship designed to accommodate the crew, furniture, and workstations.
  • Landing Gear: Manages the storage and deployment of landing equipment.
  • Reactor: A critical module that determines the power capacity of your ship components.
  • Shield Generator: Acts as the primary defensive mechanism for the ship.
  • Ship Weapons: Encompasses the ship's range of cannons, lasers, and missile systems.