Starfield:Shield Systems

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Shield Systems
Shield Systems
Skill Tree Tech
Skill Tier Advanced
Utility Space Travel

In Starfield, Shield Systems is a skill in the Tech category. By levelling up this skill, players can improve their ship's shielding, allowing it to absorb more damage. As an Advanced-tier skill, players will need to invest 4 skill points in Tech skills before it can be unlocked. Later ranks are locked behind challenges.

Shield Systems skill ranks

Shield Systems skill ranks in Starfield
Skill rank Description Challenge
Rank 1 Your ship has 20% increased shield capacity. Take 150 shield damage.
Rank 2 Your ship has 40% increased shield capacity. Take 350 shield damage.
Rank 3 Your ship has 60% increased shield capacity. Take 750 shield damage.
Rank 4 Your shields will occasionally resist 100% of all damage received. N/A