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Depresso is Dark element type Pal in Palworld. Depresso is found all over Palpados during nighttime, and it has the Caffeine Inoculation Partner Skill. It is a handy Pal in the early game that can be deployed for a variety of tasks at the base. Depresso can also be farmed for its Venom Gland drops that are used in crafting a variety of items.


Depresso is a feline pal coated in navy blue fur. Depresso represents a gloomy punk that is reflected in its brooding eyes, purple tipped drooping ears, and two purple spikes on its head. The spikes extending from its cheeks are in fact its whiskers. It also has a dark tail that runs quite long, and a scary looking pattern on its neck that bears the same color. However, it's best not to judge someone by its cover, as Depresso is in fact quite kindhearted.

Paldeck Entry

palworld depresso paldeck entry

Paldeck Number

Depresso's entry in the Paldeck codex is 017.


Depresso's element is Dark type, meaning it is weak against Dragon element Pals, but stong against Neutral element Pals.

Paldeck Description

It has few friends because of the perpetually grouchy look on its face, but it is in fact kindhearted. Some have seen it feeding Vixy who have strayed from their pack.

Work Suitability

  • Handiwork Level 1
  • Transporting Level 1
  • Mining Level 1
  • Hunger Level

Depresso's Hunger Level is 2, indicating a Hunger Bar of 150 points.


palworld depresso partner skill palworld depresso standing on a cliff

Pal Item Drops

When Depresso is defeated or carptured it drops the following items:

  • Venom Gland

Partner Skills

Depresso has the following default Partner Skill, which cannot be changed.

  • Caffeine Inoculation

When this Partner Skill is activated, Depresso takes a swig of caffeine that increases its movement speed. The pink aura flowing from its body shows that the ability is active.


Cattiva can also learn the following skills automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Poison Blast (Dark)
  • Level 7 - Sand Blast (Ground)
  • Level 15 - Dark Ball (Dark)
  • Level 22 - Ice Missile (Ice)
  • Level 30 - Shadow Burst (Dark)
  • Level 40 - Nightmare Ball (Dark)
  • Level 50 - Dark Laser (Dark)

Breeding Combinations

Here's a list of breeding combinations to obtain Depresso from an egg.

  • Lamball x Killamari
  • Lamball x Swee
  • Cattiva x Ribunny
  • Cattiva x Swee
  • Chikipi x Kelpsea
  • Chikipi x Kelpsea Ignis
  • Lifmunk x Fuack
  • Lifmunk x Tocotoco
  • Foxparks x Jolthog
  • Foxparks x Jolthog Cryst
  • Fuack x Mau Cryst
  • Fuack x Hangyu Cryst
  • Sparkit x Pengullet
  • Sparkit x Jolthog Cryst
  • Pengullet x Hangyu
  • Pengullet x Flambelle
  • Jolthog x Hoocrates
  • Jolthog Cryst x Flambelle
  • Vixy x Bristla
  • Vixy x Ribunny
  • Hoocrates x Depresso
  • Teafant x Flopie
  • Teafant x Kelpsea Ignis
  • Depresso x Depresso
  • Cremis x Ribunny
  • Cremis x Swee
  • Killamari x Mau
  • Mau x Flopie
  • Mau Cryst x Bristla
  • Tocotoco x Hangyu
  • Tocotoco x Hangyu Cryst