• VideoGamer Podcast #307 (video version for your eyes)

    Colm loves his big orange monkey in Ape Out, Rich has been riding bikes in Trials Rising, and Josh has been an investigative journalist in The Occupation. Plus the Sonic film is weird and THQ Nordic's AMA was ill-advised.

    Posted 2019-03-06T09:01:12Z by Colm Ahern

  • How To Become an Apex Legends Champion #03

    So determined to become an Apex, Colm once again takes to the warzone of Legends, but is immediately at a disadvantage with a squad of only two. Can he overcome this injustice?

    Posted 2019-03-05T08:06:49Z by Colm Ahern

  • Anthem video review

    Anthem is stunning to look at and can be fun in places, but for now it feels decidedly half-baked.

    Posted 2019-03-01T15:38:50Z by Colm Ahern

  • Ape Out video review

    Whilst the concept is there in the title, the intricacies of Ape Out’s are revealed the more you play. Every aspect creates a dazzling jazz mixtape that reverberates from eyes, to ears, to thumbs. And you’re an ape. Which is great.

    Posted 2019-02-28T14:10:52Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #306 (video version for your eyes)

    Reggie Fils-Aime steps down from his Nintendo post and is replaced by Bowser, whilst Colm and Rich and DEAN have been playing BioWare’s new loot-based shooter Anthem and have some opinions. IT'S THE VIDEO VERSION FOR YOUR EYES.

    Posted 2019-02-27T08:24:21Z by Colm Ahern

  • How to Become an Apex Legends Champion #02

    Hoping for a big improvement on his first outing, Colm goes back out onto the Apex Legends battlefield and is aiming to at least get a gun as he tries to perfect his Pathfinder skills. Purple means good.

    Posted 2019-02-26T09:18:55Z by Colm Ahern

  • Anthem is BioWare's Newport Folk Festival 1965

    Colm is convinced that Anthem is BioWare's Newport Folk Festival 1965. It's not for everyone, but he hopes that the reception doesn't deter developers from doing new and interesting things.

    Posted 2019-02-25T16:10:57Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #305 (video version for your eyes)

    Activision has a record year and still lays off 8% of its staff, AND WE REVIEW ALL THE GAMES IN THE LAST WEEK: Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, Crackdown 3, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Jump Force!

    Posted 2019-02-20T09:37:44Z by Colm Ahern

  • How to Become an Apex Legends Champion #01

    Colm doesn't like battle royale games, mainly, because he's not very good at them. He has, for whatever reason, taken to Apex Legends, though. He's also decided to document his journey to become an Apex Legends Champion. It will happen. At some stage.

    Posted 2019-02-19T17:12:27Z by Colm Ahern

  • Let's play Jump Force and look at the frog

    Jump Force has all the ingredients of an epic manga crossover, but fails to execute them in a memorable way. There is a frog, though. Josh liked it when Mike showed him that.

    Posted 2019-02-18T21:15:50Z by Colm Ahern