• Watch EA's E3 2018 press conference right here

    E3 2018 is here! Join Colm Ahern, Alice Bell, and Dan Webb for some pre-show and post-show chat, on top of watching all the wonderful game announcements from EA.

    Posted 2018-06-09T16:19:15Z by Colm Ahern

  • Failing to be stealthy in Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness DLC

    Hours of Darkness is the first bit of DLC for Far Cry 5 and in this video Colm explains how it favours the more stealthy approach, while he fails to go about Vietnam stealthily.

    Posted 2018-06-05T17:53:13Z by Colm Ahern

  • Watch us suck and chat in Vampyr

    Vampyr serves delicious ladles of angst and drama with a hearty slice of excellent, morally grey choice system that will genuinely surprise you, all wrapped up in a wonderfully gloomy London. It's just a shame the combat turns a bit sour.

    Posted 2018-06-05T09:39:46Z by ColmAhern

  • Jurassic World Evolution has loads of dinosaurs and a Jeff

    Rich Walker of Resero Network recently went to play Jurassic World Evolution and has happily agreed to answer our questions on the game. We now have confirmation of dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum.

    Posted 2018-06-04T15:32:13Z by Colm Ahern

  • Watch us make even more choices in Detroit

    Alice Bell continues her journey through the not too distant future Detroit, predicting almost everything before it happens. There's obviously a lot of spoilers here because it's about six hours in, so be mindful of that, okay? Okay.

    Posted 2018-06-04T07:31:21Z by Colm Ahern

  • Watch us make (more) choices in Detroit!

    Alice Bell wasn't too fond of her first three or so hours of Detroit, but she does feel compelled to play it more -- it's a disease. And this time she's invited the guy who reviewed it for VideoGamer to chat to her while she does.

    Posted 2018-05-31T13:59:14Z by Colm Ahern

  • An interview with Alexis Kennedy: we talk Cultist Simulator, Dragon Age 4, and Kickstarter

    Previously a writer & designer at Failbetter Games, Alexis Kennedy has worked on Sunless Sea & Fallen London, and is about to launch Cultist Simulator. I had the chance to chat to him about that, as well as something that *might* be called Dragon Age 4.

    Posted 2018-05-30T11:08:32Z by Colm Ahern

  • Let's make choices in Detroit: Become Human

    Alice Bell enjoys Quantic Dream's games, so she's giving Detroit: Become Human a go to see if she's taken by the android uprising, flowcharts and relationship building in David Cage's latest effort.

    Posted 2018-05-24T13:03:29Z by Colm Ahern

  • Detroit: Become Human video review

    Detroit wants to move you. It wants to elicit an emotional response through its story. It doesn't, though. The flowchart is a nice inclusion, but when the narrative is as cringey and ham-fisted as it is you won't want to play it multiple times.

    Posted 2018-05-24T12:31:07Z by Colm Ahern

  • Call of Duty goes Overwatch with Black Ops 4

    Dean Abdou of Resero Network recently went to LA to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at the big reveal event and, while he didn't get to play any of the new battle royale mode, he was able to play a bit of the game's multiplayer.

    Posted 2018-05-22T14:42:08Z by Colm Ahern