Top Xbox One Games of 2009

Welcome to's top Xbox One games of 2009, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It's the perfect tool to find that great game you haven't played yet, or even to find a gem for a friend or loved one as a gift.

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  • 10.

    Prototype Review


    Prototype looked like it was going to be a hell of a lot of fun each and every time we saw it over its extended development, and it is fun, just not all the time. There's been an open-world overload in recent months. It seems as though... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 9.

    Ghostbusters The Video Game Review

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    If you've been waiting for Ghostbusters 3 or simply a video game that does the classic series justice, Ghostbusters: The Video Game won't disappoint. No other game can have had as much Hollywood involvement as Ghostbusters:... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One,Xbox One

  • 8.

    a boy and his blob Review

    a boy and his blob

    A Boy and His Blob is like a long walk on a Sunday afternoon: There's no rush because the beef's got at least another hour in the oven and the football won't be on for another two. I read Mean Machines. I played Super Mario Bros. 3. I even finished Teenage... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 7.

    Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Zone Massacre Review

    Rogue Trooper

    t would be easy to dismiss Rogue Trooper as the game where you play as a blue man with a talking gun, helmet and rucksack, but that blue man deserves a place in your Wii collection. Rogue Trooper surprised quite a lot of people on its release in 2006 for the... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

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  • 6.

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    If you go in not expecting to play the game of the year then you're going to get a hell of a lot of fun out of MUA2. In the wake of Disney's purchase of Marvel, we thought it would be fun to... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 5.

    Borderlands Review


    Gearbox should be praised. Borderlands is unique, it's different, and it's hard to classify. I am standing over corpses: dead Skags, Mutant Midget Psychos and Badass... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 4.

    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Review

    Burnout Paradise

    For true next-gen arcade racing thrills Burnout Paradise is most definitely your best option. For many people Criterion's Burnout Paradise demonstrated for the first time... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 3.

    Shadow Complex Review

    Shadow Complex

    Shadow Complex is a triumph, a new standard for downloadable games. Shadow Complex is Super Metroid for the Gears of War generation. Its 2D... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One

  • 2.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    Even with some flaws, though, Guerrilla is a great game that comes highly recommended, in no small part to some superb multiplayer game modes that should see the game gain quite a following. Red Faction Guerrilla is all about control, and more importantly how you... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One,Xbox One

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  • 1.

    Resident Evil 5 Review

    Resident Evil 5

    With a whole heap of content to unlock, a campaign that begs to be replayed and top of the line production values there's very little to be disappointed with. Following one of the greatest games of all time can't be easy. For many... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox One,Xbox One