Top Xbox 360 Action Games of 2010

Welcome to's top action games of 2010, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It's the perfect tool to find that great game you haven't played yet, or even to find a gem for a friend or loved one as a gift.

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  • 30.

    Comic Jumper

    Comic Jumper is a solid XBLA release that will please some more than others, but for me it's definitely a case of style over substance. I bloody loved 'Splosion Man. The combination of tongue-in-cheek humour and a unique... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 29.

    Medal of Honor

    Neither Danger Close nor DICE are working to their full potential here, but underneath the hype and controversy there's a video game that's still worth a look. Picture the scene: You're creeping through an Afghan wadi, covering... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 28.

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

    Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 does a fantastic job of recreating pivotal moments from the show, the authenticity enhanced with some truly second-to-none visuals. The Nine-tailed Fox is a force comparable to a natural disaster. A... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 27.


    Darksiders deserves attention. It's a highly entertaining adventure, with some gorgeous visuals, devilish puzzles and exciting action. Fingers crossed the sequel will build on this impressive debut. It's Zelda meets God of... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 26.

    Dante's Inferno

    With some impressive combat mechanics, an excellent game world, some of the most disturbing enemies ever seen and tight production values, Dante's Inferno delivers the goods. Dante's Inferno, a brand-new franchise from EA... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 25.

    Perfect Dark

    The wait for Perfect Dark on the Xbox 360 has been worth it. This is old-school gaming, with none of the modern day handholding we're used to, but it's jam-packed with gaming goodness. It seems like it's taken an eternity... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 24.

    Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

    Whilst there's nothing here for those who didn't enjoy Resident Evil 5, fans should consider Lost in Nightmares as nothing less than an essential purchase. Resident Evil 5 has been on shop shelves for a full year now, and... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 23.

    Just Cause 2

    Just Cause 2 is a game that begs to be messed around with, for you to discover new ways to use the tools at your disposal and to take it all in the light-hearted way the developer intended. Sometimes the simplest things can... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 22.


    NIER is, in many ways, the kind of game critics of the Japanese RPG have been calling for: different, fresh, and in parts distinctly un-JRPG. Where to start with NIER, perhaps the most genre-bending game of 2010? This JRPG... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 21.

    Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

    For a very reasonable 1200 points, Zeno Clash will whisk you away to a land that pushes the boundaries of bizarre. It's so off-the-wall that it demands to be experienced first-hand. I've never taken hallucinogenic drugs,... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 20.

    Transformers: War for Cybertron

    War for Cybertron is the first Transformers game I've played that nails the personality of the bots and it genuinely delivers a solid gaming experience alongside the nostalgia. Every child of the 80s wants to play a brilliant... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 19.

    Monday Night Combat

    Monday Night Combat is an adeptly handled game. It's an exciting, occasionally thrilling online shooter with a genuinely engaging hook. Online shooters are resistant to change - partially because of how hard it is to advance... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 18.

    Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

    Perhaps the most impressive thing about Case Zero is the fact that it plays out almost exactly like a miniature version of the Dead Rising experience. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless, of course, you're talking... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 17.

    Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker

    Lair of the Shadow Broker is an exciting and cinematic ride that leaves you wanting more. BioWare was always going to return to the Shadow Broker; the mysterious information trader's existence has been dangled in front of... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

  • 16.

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    There are certainly better hack 'n' slash games on the market, built around deeper combat, but few games can match Enslaved's excellent fusion of gameplay and storytelling. Movies and games are increasingly crossing paths.... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 15.


    If you enjoy shooters then you absolutely must experience Vanquish; just know that you're not going to be getting much more than a weekend's play unless you get addicted to high scores and challenges. I recently reviewed... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 14.

    Costume Quest

    A game that even a self-confessed turn-based hater had a great time with. I don't like turn-based RPGs. They bore me, with their stilted combat and repetitive encounters. But I like Costume Quest... a turn-based RPG. This... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 13.

    Halo: Reach - Noble Map Pack

    The Noble Map Pack allows Halo: Reach players a bit of a fresh frolic in some fancy new surroundings. A few months on, and I still stand by my opinion that Halo: Reach is the best multiplayer Halo to date - though I still... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 12.


    It's fast, thrilling, gorgeous, punishing, rewarding and tremendous fun. It's an old-fashioned game at heart, will test your skills to their limit, and more than lives up to its billing. "Seven years ago I created Devil May... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 11.

    BioShock 2

    In many ways BioShock 2 is a game about refinements, rather than wholesale changes. Combat is better, but the game's story doesn't match that found in the original. There's no doubt that revisiting Rapture isn't quite as... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 10.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Do you like first-person shooters? If the answer is yes, buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2. EA might be looking at Medal of Honor to get a Modern Warfare sized hit, but BC2 deserves good things too. It's no secret that EA wants... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 9.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Conviction manages to tweak the tried and tested formula without ruining the stealth gameplay, delivering some of the best action gaming I've played this year. It's hard to put it into words, which is a rather big flaw for... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 8.

    Final Fight: Double Impact

    Final Fight: Double Impact is the perfect port of a retro classic; the original game buckles under the pressure of the fan service that's been added to it. If you're a Capcom fan, insta-buy. Final Fight: Double Impact's release... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 7.

    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    Guardian of Light is one of the most expertly-crafted downloadable titles to grace Xbox LIVE Arcade, and an absolute steal at 1200 Microsoft Points. It's quite remarkable that Crystal Dynamics has been able to create a game... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 6.

    Halo: Reach

    With Halo: Reach, Bungie has exited its most precious series with one almighty, planet-shattering bang. If ODST showed the Halo series could survive without Master Chief taking centre stage, Reach shows that planetary defence... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360

  • 5.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    Lords of Shadow is exactly what the Castlevania franchise needed to find popularity with a new generation of gamers - and us oldies too. One of the best games of 2010. I'm all for a bit of realism in games, but from time... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 4.

    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    This is a gold standard expansion, one that's briefer than the GTA IV add-ons, but otherwise just as good. Undead Nightmare is one of those games that, when played in a busy office, can act as a Weapon of Mass Disruption.... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 3.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is a far more accomplished experience than Treyarch's previous efforts. Call of Duty is obsessed with fear. But while Modern Warfare and its sequel exist as a paean to America's current socio-political... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

  • 2.

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Brotherhood's success lies in taking what made Assassin's Creed 2 work and simultaneously making it more coherent and more cinematic. There was a brief period back in 2007 when the marketing of Assassin's Creed was pretty... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

  • 1.

    Red Dead Redemption

    So yes, the action rocks bells. But I still can't help but feel that for me, it's the less familiar elements that help to make Red Dead Redemption the best game of 2010 thus far. For years it seemed as if no-one in Hollywood... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3