Top Retro Games of All Time

We all love stepping into the past from time to time, reliving our most cherished childhood memories or reminiscing about the things that made us angry. Nowhere is this love of our history stronger than in video games.

Whether or not you grew up with a NES and wouldn’t shut up about Mario, or were part of the Master System gang and thought Alex Kidd was brilliant, retro gaming is all the rage. It’s not just old 8-Bit machines these days, though, with many adults having started their gaming life with a PlayStation. Can you believe it?

The term retro is attached to many modern releases, with an idea or mechanic tying them to the past, and there are plenty to choose from. High-score chasing, the kind of which required an arcade machine and a three-letter tag, is now common on consoles, especially with the advent of downloadable titles. Here are the best retro games of all time.

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