Top Puzzle Games of 2014

Riddle me this? If the year is 2014 and the category puzzle, what are the best games fitting this criteria? Not the toughest of puzzles to solve, especially given you'll find a list of the best puzzle games from 2014 immediately below.

OK, so honestly there hasn't been a huge amount of puzzle games released this year, and of those which did come out they're largely found on mobile platforms.

Hitman Go is a fine example of taking an established franchise – the Agent 47 third-person stealth action series – and bringing an all-new angle to the table. Also worth your time is Threes! a top-notch mobile puzzler which will find its way onto Xbox One in the coming months.

A surprise entry in the list is Hideo Kojima's P.T. Which launched during E3 as a mystery game and turned out to be a fully interactive Playable Teaser (PT) for Silent Hills. I know you're thinking this should be survival horror, but P.T. Feels like a really scary puzzle game, not your classic game of staying alive.

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