Top PC Strategy Games of 2014

If a Civilization game is released, chances are it will be very high in the list of strategy games released that year. 2014 saw the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth. The guys at Firaxis just know how to make a good strategy game. They get the DNA of the genre, and can churn out hit after hit.

It's hard to pinpoint what makes their games so addictive, but they’ve got the magic. You’ll start playing and then find yourself engrossed, promising that you’ll just play one more turn. A turn which in reality is 10, and ends with you still awake at 4am in the morning after a one-time ally has turned against you and started all-out war. You wanted to avoid war, but you just couldn’t help it, and now you’re a bloodthirsty tyrant who will stop at nothing to take over the entire planet. How things can so quickly spiral out of control.

Here are the best PC strategy games of 2014.

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