Top PC Strategy Games of 2013

What a year for PC strategy games. Valve launched its League of Legends rival Dota 2, becoming ridiculously popular, with its own documentary following the lives of some of its best players, and is now a staple in eSports.

We also saw some amazing expansions for two other great strategy games. Blizzard launched Heart of the Swarm for the ever-popular Starcraft 2, bringing with it a new campaign focusing on the Zerg race.

Total War: Rome 2 also launched which, despite its early issues, The Creative Assembly turned things around and ended up with a fine strategy game. Although YouTube is filled with a collection of some of its most hilarious glitches.

Last, but not least, was XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a frightfully challenging, often exhausting strategy game that certainly didn’t hold your hand at any time and threw you in at the very deep end.

For strategist and masochists alike, the PC has plenty of games for you to enjoy. Here’s our list of the top PC strategy games of 2013.

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