Top Music Games of 2014

The Guitar Hero bubble may have burst under the weight of all those plastic drum kits and DJ turntables, but that didn’t stop some daring developers from trying their luck at releasing new music games in 2014.

Most of them were brought to us by musical maestros Harmonix, of course, who let music lovers choose between dancing their backside off to Kinect, hurtle their way through a musical adventure on PC or experience a fresh twist on Disney's classic Fantasia.

But there are plenty more to get Grandma off her feet and in front of the television at Christmas besides that, including the obligatory annual update in Ubisoft's Just Dance series and Sony's return to SingStar on PlayStation 4 which, quite remarkably, unclutters your living room by letting you sing directly into your mobile phone.

And even with the music market relatively crippled, some of them could still prove to be more successful than Robin Thicke’s latest album. Who said the music industry was dead? Here’s VideoGamer’s top music games of 2014.

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