Top iOS Platform Games of 2009

Welcome to's top iOS Platform games of 2009, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It's the perfect tool to find that great game you haven't played yet, or even to find a gem for a friend or loved one as a gift.

Please take into account this list is in descending order! is always open to hearing about your opinion. Would your list be different? If so let us know by contacting us or tweeting us @VideoGamerCom.

  • 5.

    Rasta Monkey Review

    Rasta Monkey

    Rasta Monkey might not take long to finish, but it will grab you in an instant and captivate you throughout. There's something compelling about bright colours, bouncy reggae inspired... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: iOS

  • 4.

    Toki Tori Review

    Toki Tori

    The touchscreen control mechanic might not sit so well with old school fans, but for newcomers with a patient disposition, Toki Tori is a real treat from the App store. At first glance Toki Tori looks like a less green, egg-shaped version of... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: iOS

  • 3.

    Sway Review


    With brilliant use of the touch screen, cute visuals and perfect pick up and play gameplay, Sway is currently one of the best games you can get for your iPhone. New platforms always seem to have defining games, whether it's the original... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: iOS

  • 2.

    LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Review

    LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias

    Spell-bindingly beautiful, packed full of wonderfully designed characters, and an eerie yet entrancing atmosphere that forces its way under your skin. It's easy to think of LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, the sequel to last... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: iOS

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    Doodle Jump Review

    Doodle Jump

    For a meagre price there's absolutely no reason why Doodle Jump should be overlooked. The App Store has provided a plethora of premium games, ranging from NBA... more

    Reviewed on:   Platforms: iOS