Top Family Games of 2014

While the headlines may be dominated by Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, it's family games that are staging one of the greatest resurgences in video games history.

With the emerging toys-to-life genre fast becoming one of the most prosperous in the industry, 2014 sees brand new games in both the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series launching on almost every format available. The market is so lucrative, in fact, that 2014 has even seen Nintendo (usually the company [i]leading[/i] the innovation in family titles) muscle in with its new Amiibo collection of toys. And no, 18-30 year old reader, there's no shame in wanting to pick up those for yourself.

But the family market isn't just about figurines. Though Kinect may be no more, Kinect Sports Rivals proved that there's still some fun to be had with motion-based games, while Mario Kart 8 left fans of all ages beaming from ear to ear. But which was your favourite? Here's VideoGamer's top family games of the year.

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