PS5 Slim release date and countdown

PS5 Slim release date and countdown
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The PS5 Slim is the next iteration of the PS5, and as the name suggests, is a “smaller PS5” with 1TB of storage and the option to add an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive to the Digital Edition too. The fact that the new console will come with an external disc drive, means you won’t have to choose between a standard PS5 with an optical drive or the PS5 Digital Edition.

The console has released via bundles so far, though the standalone console is yet to be on store shelves to buy. However, pre-orders have only just begun for the standalone console in the US and UK.


PS5 Slim + Modern Warfare 3 bundle

Increased 1TB SSD, 30% smaller console included copy of Modern Warfare 3

PS5 Slim release date confirmed for standalone console

The PS5 Slim has been available as of November 11th if you pick it up with either a MW3 bundle or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 bundle, though the standalone console is now slated for a release on November 29th, as per the PlayStation Direct UK site.

It’s a slightly different case in the US. While the pre-orders are now available, there’s no expected shipping date just yet. We’re going to be keeping this page updated with the latest updates for when it does eventually arrive.

What’s different with the PS5 Slim?

The major difference between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Slim is between their size and dimensions. It weighs around 24% less and has a 30% overall size reduction. It also features four panels which is different from the two side panels found on the original model. Another important overhaul comes in the form of 1TB of storage instead of the 825GB SSD found on the original.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the PS5 Slim be expensive?

Here’s how much the new PS5 console will cost:

  • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive:
    • US: $499
    • Europe: €550
    • UK: £480
    • Australia: AU$799.95
  • PS5 Digital Edition:
    • US: $449
    • Europe: €450
    • UK: £390
    • Australia: AU$679.95