Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro – how are they different?

Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro – how are they different?
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If you’re weighing up the differences between the HTC Vive XR Elite versus the Meta Quest Pro, we’ve got you covered right here.

The Vive XR Elite is much cheaper than the Meta Quest Pro, however, they both fall into the elite product range. When you’re paying such a high price for a product – you’re going to want a quality guarantee, specs that prove its worth, and an immersive experience that goes unparalleled, which is why we’ve gone ahead and put in the legwork to compare the two.

With Vive XR Elite pre-orders now having begun, it’s only a matter of time before consumers get hands on with the product. The Meta Quest Pro launched in late October, and critical responses were generally positive regarding the hardware, and more cautious concerning the price. Now that we’re a few months into its shelf-life, we have a more concise overview on if it’s worth it. If you’re looking for where to buy the Meta Quest Pro headset then check out our guide.

Boasting a 90Hz refresh rate, FoV up to 110 degrees, and 1920 x 1920 pixels per eye, the Vive VR Elite synthesizes VR technology with augmented reality to produce what looks like an extremely promising headset. So, without further ado, here’s our discussion of the two VR headsets.

Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro – specs

SpecsVive XR EliteMeta Quest Pro
ProcessorSnapdragon XR2Snapdragon XR2+
Optics4 x cameras3 x cameras
SensorsDepth, G, & Proximity sensors10 x VR/MR sensors
Connectivity2 x USB C (1 power, 1 data), Bluetooth, WiFi, 2 x ControllerUSB C (power), 2 x Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers
IDP Range54-73mm55-75mm
Horizontal FoV110°106°
Diagonal FoV(Specification N/A)96°
Resolution per eye1920 x 19201800 x 1920
Refresh Rate90Hz90Hz / 72Hz
Tracking6 DoF Inside-out trackingEye, Face, and Hand
Lens type(Specification N/A)Pancake

The specs of both devices are certainly impressive with both offering what is essentially 4K resolution via two composite screens. With refresh rates up to 90Hz – you’re going to enjoy gaming with ultra-fast frame rates.

When the Meta Quest Pro was released, it received praise for how it negated the ‘screen door effect.’ This phenomena can be observed if you get very close to a low-resolution monitor or display and you can see individual pixels and black empty space between them. This isn’t so much of a problem with modern displays such as OLED TVs and retina mobile phone screens, however if you’re clad in a VR headset with a small display only a few inches from your eyes – the screen door effect can really ruin an immersive experience.

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However, with the Meta Quest Pro’s 1800 x 1920 resolution – the screen door effect is easily negated. Once the Vive XR Elite is officially launched, we’re going to be able to evaluate if they’ve also managed to circumvent this pesky problem.

Previous generations of VR headsets have been hampered by low FoV ranges, however with the Vive XR Elite reaching 110° and the Meta Quest Pro reaching 106°, this is no longer a problem. This makes the ultra-high resolution displays inside the headsets much less overwhelming as you can see more of the screens than you would normally be able to on a cheaper, budget VR headset.

Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro – Design

The Vive XR Elite is equipped with a modular design. While the Meta Quest Pro is designed with immersive workspace simulation in mind, the Vive XR Elite leans more on the side of entertainment, and the modular battery pack attachment highlights this. Easily slipping in and out of mid-weight use to light-weight tethered use by removing the battery gives the user a much wider range of mobility with the headset. If you’re playing games or consuming interactive entertainment content, you’re not going to want a bulky machine sitting on your head, but a lightweight pair of VR goggles instead.

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Either way, the visual and aesthetic designs of both devices are very clean and pleasing, however the Meta Quest Pro’s bulky form sets it slightly behind the upcoming Vive XR Elite.

The Meta Quest Pro’s ‘Touch Pro’ controllers are ergonomic and weighty – the three cameras on each controller taking up most of the mass. The Vive XR Elite controllers are not specifically designed for the device, as HTC have instead opted to use their standard ‘VIVE Controller for XR Series.’ This is not an inherent problem, however the design is noticeably less ergonomic than the Meta Quest Pro’s.

Vive XR Elite vs Meta Quest Pro – Price

As you can see from their specs and design, these are two premium VR headsets, and their price reflects this. However, the Vive ER Elite does significantly undercut the Meta Quest Pro. The former is priced at $1,099 versus Meta Quest Pro’s $1,499 price tag.

This does also reflect the different markets these headsets are primarily aimed at, with Vive gearing the XR Elite towards entertainment while the Meta Quest Pro is designed with the professional working environment in mind.

You do also get slightly higher performance specs in some areas with the Meta Quest Pro as well, as you can see from the table above

Which VR headset best suits you?

The final consideration in comparing these two headsets is the user. While the price and specs of the headsets seats them in the same aisle – they’re both there for extremely different reasons. As per HTC’s CES 2023 presentation, they stated that ‘gaming is a perfect way to use this device.’ Compared to the Meta Quest Pro which is a ‘whole new way to work, create and collaborate,’ it’s clear that these two devices are designed entirely for polarizing activities.

The HTC Vive XR Elite is best suited to gaming, whilst the Meta Quest Pro is best for immersing yourself in virtual work-spaces.

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Ultimately, the choice is entirely in the hands of the user. The hardware inside both makes them fully capable of venturing into both gaming and collaborative realms, so either way it comes down to personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vive XR Elite compatible with PC?

The Vive XR Elite can be tethered to your PC, but it can also be used as a standalone device that can run its own games.

What is the Meta Quest Pro’s battery life?

The Meta Quest Pro has a battery life of 1-2 hours.

What is the Vive XR Elite’s battery life?

The Vive XR Elite has a battery life of 2 hours.