What accessibility settings does Jedi Survivor have?

What accessibility settings does Jedi Survivor have?
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For those wondering what accessibility settings you can find in Jedi Survivor, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Jedi Survivor is the latest release in the Star Wars franchise from Respawn. Jedi Survivor is a sequel that follows directly on from Star Wars: Fallen Order and follows the story of Cal Kestis as he explores the cosmos with his band of friends by his side. We’ll see planets, enemies, and a few familiar faces in the character list. There’s been a big focus on graphics in this release. Jedi Survivor has ray tracing, and although the DLSS capacity is a bit more up in the air, the game files are the largest we’ve seen in a while. There’s no doubt that Jedi Survivor is a big game. But what does that mean for accessibility?

Let’s get into it.

What accessibility settings are there in Jedi Survivor?

The good news is that Jedi Survivor has been designed with accessibility in mind. On their blog post, the Jedi Survivor team stated that ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was designed to give players choice over ow they play through their galactic journey.’ These design choices were made building on feedback the team received from Star Wars: Fallen Order, according to Senior Director of Development Jonas Lundqvist. The accessibility options built into the game are:

  1. Control customisation
  2. Subtitles and closed captions
  3. Visuals
  4. Difficulty options
  5. Gameplay modifiers
  6. Slow mode
  7. To be released: menu narration and high contrast mode

1. Control customisation

Screen shot of the accessibility settings page in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor showing where to find the Control Schema modify options

Players have the options to remap their controls to suit their specific needs. You can modify you control schema by going into the Jedi Survivor settings page, hitting Accessibility, navigating to Controls, find Control Schema and hit Modify.

2. Subtitles and closed captions

There are multiple options for subtitles and closed captions in Jedi Survivor.

  • Set the level of detail you want from your subtitles
  • Specify the situations you want captions in:
    • Have subtitles for conversations only
    • Have subtitles for battles only
    • Specify subtitles for cutscenes only
    • Enable directional indicators

There are many toggles available for the subtitles feature allowing players to customise the settings to their individual needs.

3. Visual customisation

There will be a variety of visual modifications available at launch. Here are the modifications that are available at the time of writing:

  • HUD scaling
  • Colour profile settings
  • Stabilising UI dot
  • Colour blind options
  • Field of view
  • Camera shake adjustment

In their blog post about the accessibility options in Jedi Survivor, the developers confirmed that this list is not definitive and that they intend to continue to add features. They reiterated that accessibility was at the core of many design choices and gave the example of the dual-colour-coded maps. These were maps that were consciously designed with the colour palette engineered to convey the same information through different avenues. For visuals, a high contrast mode has been promised but is not currently available in-game at the time of writing.

4. Difficulty options

There are also accessibility options for difficulty. There are five options available to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at. In increasing order of difficulty, these are:

  1. Story Mode
  2. Jedi Padawan
  3. Jedi Knight
  4. Jedi Master
  5. Jedi Grand Master

Story Mode offers long parry time windows and minimal damage dealt by enemies. The main focus of this setting is Cal and his band of friends. As the difficulty levels increase, the parry time decreases and damage dealt by enemies increases. Jedi Master and Jedi Grand Master modes also dial up the aggressiveness of enemies to keep players constantly on the edge.

Other than these variations in enemy aggression, parry time and damage dealt, there is no difference between levels. In-game rewards are identical across modes and gamers can even switch between modes as they go through the game (except for when actively in combat).

5. Gameplay modifiers

Screen shot of the accessibility settings page in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor showing the Gameplay settings options including Toggle Hold Pull, Navigation Assist, and Navigation Assist Audio Ping.

In conjunction to the other accessibility features, there are multiple gameplay modifiers. These can be found and modified by going to Settings > Accessibility > Gameplay. The picture above depicts some of the options available in this section. Options include:

  • Modify auto-switch target on enemy death options
  • Auto-lock target in combat
  • Disable fall damage
  • Toggle button mash options
  • Enable toggle hold pull
  • Enable navigation assist
  • Enable navigation assist audio ping
  • Specify what percentage of camera follow lock you would like
  • Enable/Disable arachnophobia safe mode
  • Enable/Disable human dismemberment

6. Slow mode

Screen shot of the accessibility settings page in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor showing the Slow Mode On/Off option, Auto-activated Slow Mode in Combat On/Off, and Slow Dilation percentage bar.

In the same blog post, Lundqvist shared that the team was particularly excited for players to experience and play around with the slow mode option. This can be added to the shortcut toggle and enabled at any point in the game to slow down combat and story alike. In fact, Lundqvist specifies ‘anything that had a timing component.’ While gamers can manually toggle this on and off, you can also set slow mode to be activated in combat from the Settings page, and specify what level percentage of slow dilation you want.

7. To be released: menu narration and high contrast mode

While there are many accessibility features already offered by Jedi Survivor, the team have promised more to come in their ongoing project to make Jedi Survivor more accessible to gamers. A day one patch has been announced which intends to implement additional accessibility features. Exactly which features these will be is yet to be confirmed. However, in addition to a high contrast mode, EA have previously confirmed that a menu narration option is in development.

We’ll keep an eye on this and update the page as new information comes in, so make sure to check back in periodically to stay up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Jedi Survivor is such a hotly anticipated title, we know many of you will have questions that you want answers to. We’ve done our best here to answer some of your most pressing queries.

Is Jedi Survivor fully subtitled?

Yes, Jedi Survivor has subtitles available for both story and game which can be customised in level of detail and occurrence according to players’ wishes.

Does Jedi Survivor have navigation assist?

Yes, Jedi Survivor has both navigation assist, and a navigation assist audio ping option.