Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 drop in price?

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 drop in price?
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If you’re wondering will the Samsung Galaxy S22 drop in price, we’re going to go ahead and answer that here.

Often is the case when new hardware releases – such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 – that older generations see a slight price drop to make way for the new. We’re hoping to see the latest Galaxy phone announced at Samsung Unpacked 2023, and if we do, we’re also hoping to see the Galaxy S22 price drop.

However, of course, we can’t guarantee that Samsung and their associated retailers will choose to cut the price of a phone that is still doing so well. With this in mind, we’re going to be making predictions on whether or not it will drop in price based on a few things: previous Galaxy S-series launches, rumors, and our own intuition.

Do we think the Samsung Galaxy S22 will drop in price?

When the Samsung Galaxy S22 released in February 2022, the S21 price generally stayed the same. Of course, Samsung offered trade-ins for the phones, however the price of the S21 actually stayed the same throughout release. It was possible for you to pick up second-hand and pre-owned handsets, however anyone looking to pick up a new S21 were paying fairly consistent prices.

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However, we understand that the S22’s release coincided with global chip shortages that may have factored into why there was no price drops for the predecessor, though it’s also true that price drops are never down to one factor.

Now that we seem to be at a more stable point regarding chip shortages, can we hope to see the price drop on the S22?

As the phone is a year old now, the price has seen some fluctuations. With the MSRP starting at $799, its Amazon listing is only $786 at the time of writing. This isn’t a huge drop in price at all, and as we’re so close to the release of the S23, it doesn’t really suggest that we’re going to be seeing much bigger discounts.

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If you’re looking to grab a Samsung S22 – it might be better to consider waiting until the next big sales or deals events.

While we haven’t yet seen much of a price drop for the Samsung Galaxy S22 ahead of the S23’s release, we’re going to be keeping our eyes peeled. We’ll be regularly checking retailers such as Amazon and BestBuy for deals on the S22, and if we do spot anything worthwhile, we’ll be updating this page as soon as. In the meantime, have you considered our Samsung S23 alternatives?