Best Nintendo Switch steering wheel – play with pedals on Mario Kart 8

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If you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch steering wheel, we’ve got you covered right here with our top picks.

The Nintendo Switch is famous for racing games such as Mario Kart 8. For many, more realistic racing games such as Forza or Need For Speed Unbound come to mind when they think of gaming racing wheels, but the benefits are the exact same for the Nintendo Switch.

Those benefits involve more enjoyable gameplay and increased immersion. You get more of a sense that you are really in control of the vehicle with a racing wheel, and this only increases if it comes with foot pedals too, as many of the picks on this list do.

All of the wheels on this list are compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED. We’ve got choices in a variety of categories and have provided a description of each product in detail, to give you the best idea of which one you want to go for.

Let’s get into our picks.

Best Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel

Best Overall Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel – PXN V3II 





Black & Grey


Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, PS3/PS4



  • Comes with foot pedals
  • Compatible with multiple consoles and PC
  • Expensive

Want to enjoy the spectacle of virtual driving, that too without breaking the bank? The PXN V3II is right up your alley. If the all-black premium exterior of this 180-degree steering isn’t enough to win you over, the long and impressive spec sheet is sure to leave you in awe. 

The PXN V3II is designed for high-end gaming and sits well with all sorts of gamers. Whether on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, the PXN V3II is built to cater to the needs of the players who truly want to experience the finest driving experience. 

Featuring a dual-motor setup, players can truly get a feel of the road and the engine rumbling as well. And since the PXN V3II also comes with a manual gear-shifting stick and pedals, you can truly take your driving skills to the next level. Especially in fan-favorite games like Mario Kart, steering wheels like PXN V3II can come in really handy. 

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Similarly, aside from the multimedia and in-game controls on the steering, you also get paddle shifters as well to further enhance your giving experience. For a realistic feel, you can use the gear stick, and when you’re competing against the best, you can rely on the paddle shifters to get the job done. 

Moving on, the PXN V3II comes with 180-degree rotation, meaning that you cannot fully rotate it. But, that is the case with most entry-level gaming steering wheels on the market. And as for the configuration, the PXN 3II comes with a handful of suction cups and a C-type Fixer that enables you to mount the steering anywhere you desire. 

The combination of the steering wheel along with the gear shifter and the pedals really make up for an excellent racing simulator for the Nintendo Switch. Lastly, the price tag is also quite reasonable and if you want to find your sweet spot, the PXN V3II won’t disappoint.

Best Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel with Pedals – HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe

HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe




Red & Black


Nintendo Switch, PC



  • Great look
  • Comes with foot pedals
  • Limited compatibility

A fan of the Mario kart franchise? The HORI Mario Kart wheel is a must-have steering wheel for you. Featuring excellent aesthetics with a red-black color combination on top of a rigid steering wheel, the HORI Mario Kart steering wheel makes the cut when it comes to the best gaming steering wheels for Nintendo Switch. 

HORI Mario Kart is an official Nintendo-licensed steering wheel and it comes with 180-degree rotation which is more than enough for Nintendo games. And since the steering wheel is mostly intended for Nintendo Switch users, it also comes with a feature to remap your keys to your personal preferences. 

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Moving on, the HORI Mario Kart steering wheel features all the buttons on the steering wheel so you don’t have to go back and forth between the wheel and the native controller. The HORI Mario Kart steering wheel also comes with separate pedals for race and break as well, truly enabling you to enjoy the driving experience in the most realistic way possible. 

Similarly, for changing the gears, there are paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel as well. If you’re a fan of manual transmission and want to take the RPM to the max, the paddle shifters can come in quite handy. Especially in drag races, the HORI Mario Kart steering with its paddle shifters is guaranteed to win you some games. 

The HORI Mario Kart is also compatible with other gaming consoles as well as PC. And since it comes with suction cups, mounting and configuration it is a no-brainer. Lastly, in this price bracket, it is almost impossible to find a steering wheel of such calibre that is truly designed for Nintendo users. 

All-in-all, it is a pretty decent pick and since it is quite cheap as well, you won’t have to think twice when getting your hands on this one.

Best Budget Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel – Numskull Joy-Con Wheel

Numskull Joy-Con Wheel 






Nintendo Switch



  • Fantastic price
  • Good level of rotation
  • No foot pedals

Not keen on spending a good few bucks on a steering wheel and want something cheap that gets the job done? Numskull Joy-Con Wheel Table Mount is the one for you. Only costing a few bucks, the Numskull Joy-Con Wheel enables you to experience an exciting experience in Nintendo Switch games. 

However, only those Nintendo Switch games are compatible that feature Joy-Con motion only. Games like Mario Kart would run smoothly with the steering. However, games such as Team Sonic Racing that lack the Joy-Con feature will not be playable with this steering. 

Moving on, the build quality of the steering is below-par are really not impressive. However, for this price tag, it surely is a steal. Furthermore, paddle shifters, pedals, and gear shifts are also not included in the package, as expected. 

The Numskull Joy-Con Wheel comes with proper table mounts and can easily be mounted on any desired table. And since there are no other accessories to go with the wheel, you won’t need too much space. The long-neck design with an adjustable hinge also ensures that you have a smooth time configuring the steering and tailoring it to perfection.

As far as the in-game experience is concerned, it is pretty solid. While you can not compare it with the likes of PXN V3II or HORI Mario Kart Steering, it can get the job done. Furthermore, the input lag is something that can ruin the virtual driving experience. Fortunately, with Numskull Joy-Con Wheel, you experience smooth gameplay with minimum input lag. 

While the steering lacks many perks and features, finding a steering wheel for Nintendo Switch in such a price bracket is near impossible. And for budget-oriented games, it is wise to say that the Numskull Joy-Con Wheel is one of the best steering wheels for Nintendo Switch on the market.

Frequently asked questions

Does Mario Kart need a racing wheel?

No, you can play Mario Kart using the joy con controllers with no problem. With them, you can either steer the kart by tilting the controller or by using the thumbstick.

Is a racing wheel worth it on the Nintendo Switch?

While it of course comes down to personal preference, we think playing with a racing wheel can make playing on the Nintendo Switch racing games like Mario Kart more enjoyable. This is only increased if you have one that comes with pedals, as this furthers immersion.

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