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Counter Strike 2 tick rate changes explained

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We’re here to explain the new Counter Strike 2 tick rate changes which could prove vital in match winning moments.

Counter Strike 2 is now available in the form of a limited test, meaning we now know that the full game is on the way. We also know that it has a new tick rate technology and it could prove to be a major breakthrough.

If you’re not totally sure what a tick rate is, it refers to how often an online game’s servers receive information from the different players in the lobby.

This is similar but not to be confused with ping, if you want to know what ping in gaming is, we’ve got an article that breaks it down for you.

The higher the tick rate, the smoother the game will feel, as every player will be kept more up-to-date with the actions of every other. Your actions will also register faster in the game

In CS:GO there was even sometimes issues registering actions at all, if they occurred between ticks. This could prove pivotal in a game where a microsecond can be the difference between a headshot and a miss

However, it has been confirmed that, in Counter Strike 2, Valve has introduced a sub-tick architecture. This has the potential to negate the need to worry about ticks whatsoever. So how exactly does this work?

What is sub-tick in Counter Strike 2?

The new sub-tick architecture created by Valve and used in Counter-Strike 2 will work by tracking certain important actions, like moving, shooting, and grenade throwing, independently of the tick of the server.

If you want to be really precise, the servers will actually be able to calculate what has occurred between the ticks and implement those changes into the game almost instantly.

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This will ensure all players are kept on the same page, and that each action is registered. In fact, it will remove the need to worry about the tick rate entirely.

This could have a significant impact on the world of online gaming, especially within the Counter Strike community. Counter Strike is a game competitive players take very seriously, so much so that the top players have actually developed techniques that factor in the tiny changes tick rate makes to a game.

We’re excited to get our hands on this new Counter Strike game when it comes out. If you want more information, we’ve got an article on the limited test that has launched.

Frequently asked questions

What does 128 tick mean in CS:GO?

The number refers to the tick rate, meaning that an 128 tick rate server measures inputs 128 times per second, or twice as fast as a 64 tick server. This will make for a smoother gaming experience.

Do other games use sub-tick?

No other games have been announced that use sub-tick architecture. We are looking forward to seeing if this technology will catch on in more first-person shooters and beyond.