RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT – which RDNA 3 should I buy?

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We’re getting up close and personal to AMD’s newest graphics cards. But how do the specs really compare: RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT – let’s go!

What difference does an X make between the RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT? There are only a few hundred dollars between the cards. So how does that translate into performance? We’ll go a little deeper into the specs including overclocking and VRAM to see what card makes the most sense for you.

The good news though, is that both cards are intent on delivering high frame rates at 4K, so whatever your final decision is, know that it’ll be a good one.

If you’re familiar with Nvidia’s line of graphics card, you might compare the RX 7900 XTX as a card performing on a level between RTX 4080 and 4090. The RX 7900 XT on the other hand is on par with the RTX 3080 Ti, perhaps with a slight edge on overall performance.

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RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT – specs

RX 7900 XTXRX 7900 XT
ArchitectureRDNA 3RDNA 3
Fab processTSMC 5+6nmTSMC 5+6nm
Full GPU~533mm²~533mm²
Compute units9684
Stream processors6,1445,376
Memory bus384-bit320-bit
Memory bandwidthUp to 960 GB/sUp to 800GB/s
Clock rate (base, boost)1900MHz, 2500Mhz1500MHz, 2500Mhz
Board power355 W300 W

From the above table, you can see the major differences between the two revolve around clock rates and VRAM. The RX 7900 XTX also has the edge on infinity cache, but it’s worth pointing out both have the same RDNA 3 architecture. But which graphics card should you buy?

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At the time of writing, the RX 7900 XTX looks like a good trade off with around 15% more cores, a higher clock speed and the edge on VRAM.

This is all with a very similar power consumption, meaning for now we’re leading towards the RX 7900 XTX as our favourite.

RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT – price

As you’ve probably gathered by now – the RX 7900 XTX’s MSRP is $999 whilst the RX 7900 XT is $899.

Both these prices seriously undercut not only Nvidia’s 40-series release, but also their previous generation 30-series graphics cards.

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AMD is definitely doing well for itself.

That being said, the price has inevitably been raised thanks to third-party retailers. Though it is still possible to find both cards for around the same price they were launched at.

Final word – should I buy the RX 7900 XTX or RX 7900 XT?

It goes without saying though that the RX 7900 XTX is the better graphics card, close to competing with Nvidia’s RTX 4080 on everything apart from RayTracing.

We think it offers a great return on investment and that the $100 added to the asking price is justified by the specs. However, the RX 7900 XT is a fantastic and powerful GPU too.

If you don’t intend to play intensive games on high resolutions or frame rates, then you likely won’t need the extra power that the RX 7900 XTX brings. This means you can save a bit of cash by opting for the RX 7900 XT.

FAQs – RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT

What is RDNA 3?

RDNA 3 is AMD’s latest GPU architecture responsible for AMD’s 7000 series graphics cards having a higher performance and better efficiency.

Is the RX 7900 XT worth it?

With RDNA 3, and a competitive MSRP price of $899, the RX 7900 XT definitely looks the part. It’s one of the first cards to utilize the new PCIe 5.0 x16 bandwidth standard meaning it has higher transfer speeds.

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