Which GPU is in the Xbox Series X?

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While you won’t be able to replace it, if you’re interested in which GPU is in the Xbox Series X – you can find out here.

The Xbox Series X was released November 2020 – with the PS5 following closely after. Both consoles ushered in a new paradigm of console gaming – next-gen console gaming – thanks to their powerful internal hardware capable of replicating the graphically immersive experience that a gaming PC might offer.

The Xbox Series X in particular impressed with the incredible power that the console offered – see our console review for more. While the Xbox 360 and Xbox One were undeniably brilliant consoles, their technology is understandably aged for today’s standard. So what GPU makes the Xbox Series X capable of pushing out 4K gameplay at 120Hz?

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Well, the AMD Scarlett graphics card inside is mostly responsible for this. Built upon the RDNA 2.0 architecture, the AMD Scarlett is made with a 7nm production process. For comparison, the RTX 4090 was built using a 4nm process size, and the RTX 3080 is built with an 8nm process size.

Process size is directly linked to the size of the components in a piece of hardware, so generally a smaller process size suggests more processing power. Of course, however, process size doesn’t directly correlate to a more powerful GPU. For example, the AMD Scarlett has 15,300 million transistors whereas the RTX 3080 has 28,300 million. So, while the Scarlett has a lower process size, the RTX 3080 has almost double the amount of transistors.

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While the AMD Scarlett is the GPU inside the Xbox Series X, the AMD Oberon is in the PS5. For more information, you can read about the RTX 4090 versus the PS5.

The AMD Scarlett has 10GB VRAM, a GPU clock of 1825 MHz, and a memory clock of 1750 MHz. Its technical specifications position it similarly to what we’d expect from an RTX 3060 Ti. With support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and OpenCL, the GPU invites in a huge range of graphical rendering possibilities.

So there you have it – the AMD Scarlett is the GPU in the Xbox Series X. To make the most out of your console, you’re going to want to pair it with the best 4K monitors and OLED TVs. You can find out more through our recommendations for the best monitor for Xbox Series X and the best TVs for the console.

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