• Spider-Man 2 Review

    We check out the latest movie-game tie in. With great power comes great responsibilty - but does it also come with a great game?

    Posted 2004-08-31T13:22:36Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Review

    Sam Fisher returns with some new tricks in Ubisoft's stealth sequel

    Posted 2004-08-27T23:19:28Z by Ian Clements

  • Showdown: Legends of Wrestling Review

    We look at Acclaim's latest entry into the squared-ring. Ooohhh, yeah!!!

    Posted 2004-08-27T22:52:16Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Seven Samurai 20XX Review

    Has Sammy Studios' collaboration with Kurosawa Productions yielded a game as influential as the source material? We have a look.

    Posted 2004-08-22T20:14:46Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Drakengard Review

    Drakengard from Square-Enix borrows heavily from Panzer Dragoon Orta and Dynasty Warriors, but is it more than the sum of these parts?

    Posted 2004-08-20T19:24:54Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Mashed Review

    Addictive multiplayer games are becoming a rarity. Is Mashed the perfect post pub game?

    Posted 2004-08-16T17:32:25Z by Andy Young

  • Far Cry Review

    First person shooters? They're all brown dungeons, war-torn France and cheesy sci-fi settings, right? Yea right - welc

    Posted 2004-08-16T14:44:37Z by Robert Dick

  • Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition Review

    Kids today, with their fancy 3D graphics and analogue controllers, they don't remember the golden age of fighting.

    Posted 2004-08-16T14:17:39Z by Robert Dick

  • Rez Review

    We find out if Tetsuya Mizuguchi's highly ambitious, and hugely anticipated trance shooter can live up to the hype.

    Posted 2004-08-15T22:57:53Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Midtown Madness 3 Review

    Microsoft and D.I.C.E produce one of the best online titles for any system. Find out what makes Midtown Madness 3 so great.

    Posted 2004-08-05T19:35:59Z by Tom Orry