• Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Review

    Samus returns, but has she changed? And is it for the best? Will our reviewer make it out of the dark world alive to tell his story?

    Posted 2004-12-17T03:27:06Z by Andy Young

  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Review

    The Prince is running out of time, yet is it possible for a man to cheat his fate? Has he also cheated fans out of a worthy sequel?

    Posted 2004-12-17T03:22:34Z by Ian Clements

  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV Review

    The fourth game in a series of strategy games. Find out in our review if it lives up to its predecessors.

    Posted 2004-12-14T16:05:14Z by Andy Young

  • Football Manager 2005 Review

    We check out Sports Interactive's latest football management sim. Addiction has a new name...

    Posted 2004-12-14T15:56:39Z by Andy Morrison

  • Half-Life 2 Review

    Over a year late and surrounded by the controversy that is Steam, science hero Gordon Freeman returns to a world under new management...

    Posted 2004-12-14T15:56:31Z by Robert Dick

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Review

    Atmospheric and annoying in equal measure, Battlefront is best played through Lucas-tinted glasses.

    Posted 2004-12-12T22:49:42Z by Iain McCafferty

  • WWE Smackdown! vs Raw Review

    'Sports Entertainment' is great stuff, and Yuke's have been onto a winner since 2000 - will the new Smackdown game live up to past glories?

    Posted 2004-12-03T02:42:32Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Men of Valor: The Vietnam War Review

    Games based on the Vietnam haven't exactly turned out well. Is Men of Valor a cut above the rest?

    Posted 2004-12-02T04:09:14Z by Andy Rev

  • ToCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Review

    The sim of all sims? Can ToCA Race Driver 2 really be the ultimate racing simulator?

    Posted 2004-12-01T14:14:06Z by Gareth Clark

  • Donkey Konga Review

    Fancy looking ridiculous? Like hitting things? Check out our review of Nintendo's latest oddity...

    Posted 2004-11-25T23:49:34Z by Keza MacDonald