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  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Review

    The Prince is running out of time, yet is it possible for a man to cheat his fate? Has he also cheated fans out of a worthy sequel?

    Posted by Ian Clements

  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV Review

    The fourth game in a series of strategy games. Find out in our review if it lives up to its predecessors.

    Posted by Andy Young

  • Football Manager 2005 Review

    We check out Sports Interactive's latest football management sim. Addiction has a new name...

    Posted by Andy Morrison

  • Half-Life 2 Review

    Over a year late and surrounded by the controversy that is Steam, science hero Gordon Freeman returns to a world under new management...

    Posted by Robert Dick

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Review

    Atmospheric and annoying in equal measure, Battlefront is best played through Lucas-tinted glasses.

    Posted by Iain McCafferty

  • WWE Smackdown! vs Raw Review

    'Sports Entertainment' is great stuff, and Yuke's have been onto a winner since 2000 - will the new Smackdown game live up to past glories?

    Posted by Ian Dransfield

  • Men of Valor: The Vietnam War Review

    Games based on the Vietnam haven't exactly turned out well. Is Men of Valor a cut above the rest?

    Posted by Andy Rev

  • ToCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Review

    The sim of all sims? Can ToCA Race Driver 2 really be the ultimate racing simulator?

    Posted by Gareth Clark

  • Donkey Konga Review

    Fancy looking ridiculous? Like hitting things? Check out our review of Nintendo's latest oddity...

    Posted by Keza MacDonald

  • Nexus - The Jupiter Incident Review

    Offering more tactical play than your average RTS, can Nexus: The Jupiter Incident re-invigorate the genre? We take a look.

    Posted by Adam Jarvis