• Astro Boy: Omega Factor Review

    A Sony license, published by Sega and on a Nintendo console? Trust Treasure to pull off some magic

    Posted 2005-03-31T22:34:34Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Robots Review

    The latest CGI movie gets the videogame treatment, but there are some pretty big spanners in the works.

    Posted 2005-03-29T13:57:11Z by Tom Orry

  • It's Mr Pants Review

    Rare can't keep away from Nintendo consoles - but this game isn't as Pants as you might think

    Posted 2005-03-27T23:29:55Z by Gareth Clark

  • Banjo Pilot Review

    The much troubled GBA racer from Rare finally stumbles onto the starting grid

    Posted 2005-03-22T22:22:42Z by Stephen Carvell

  • Blood Will Tell Review

    A tale of a man with a bazooka in his knee; it must be a great game. Is it?

    Posted 2005-03-22T01:02:41Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Resident Evil 4 Review

    Is this Capcom's finest hour? Find out in our in-depth review

    Posted 2005-03-18T04:06:57Z by Ian Clements

  • Altered Beast Review

    We check out Sega's latest raid on old Intellectual Property as Altered Beast gets a 2005 remake

    Posted 2005-03-18T04:06:55Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Astro Boy (2005) Review

    Cash-in alert! Cash-in alert! Even Astro Boy fans are going to be disappointed with this

    Posted 2005-03-16T03:11:01Z by Gareth Clark

  • Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits Review

    No, this isn't a DIY sim. Can drilling really be a fun puzzle game?

    Posted 2005-03-16T03:10:00Z by Tom Orry

  • The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Review

    Spongebob Squarepants' latest movie escapades get the videogame treatment from developers Heavy Iron

    Posted 2005-03-14T23:06:53Z by Keza MacDonald