• Jade Empire Review

    Jade Empire is taut, streamlined and practically impossible to keep your hands off.

    Posted 2005-04-29T12:12:13Z by Iain McCafferty

  • CT Special Forces Fire For Effect Review

    Can a budget action game compete with the big boys?

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    Is Tak another kids game that fails to offer anything worthwhile? Find out in our review

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    Zombies? On a boat? Has Ubisoft stumbled onto a whole new aspect of survival horror? We take a look

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  • FIFA Street Review

    Can FIFA Street give EA another successful street sports title?

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  • Playboy: The Mansion Review

    Ever fancied being Hue Hefner and taking charge of the Playboy Empire? Well now you can. We strip Ubisoft's game bare in our review

    Posted 2005-04-18T02:02:35Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Review

    Will Ubisoft's new WWII franchise give them a foothold in the market or is it another case of style over substance?

    Posted 2005-04-13T21:04:27Z by Struan Robertson

  • World Snooker Championship 2005 Review

    We spend an extended period of time enjoying the lovely green baize

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  • X-Men Legends Review

    We take a look at one of the latest and greatest N-Gage titles.

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  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus Review

    More Sonic than you can shake a stick at - do too many hedgehogs spoil the compilation?

    Posted 2005-04-07T12:07:03Z by Robert Dick