• Stronghold 2 Review

    So, you like building castles? Read on for our full review of this RTS/Sim hybrid...

    Posted 2005-06-09T00:53:24Z by Andy Young

  • Full Spectrum Warrior Review

    Over a year after the release of Full Spectrum Warrior on Xbox, PS2 owners are finally treated to some squad-based tactical action...

    Posted 2005-06-07T23:05:51Z by Robert Dick

  • Cold Winter Review

    Does Cold Winter finally provide the PlayStation 2 with a great FPS?

    Posted 2005-06-07T22:29:07Z by Tom Orry

  • Silent Hunter III Review

    Is Silent Hunter III A. J. Squared Away, or sub-standard?

    Posted 2005-06-07T22:29:06Z by Iain McCafferty

  • Close Combat: First to Fight Review

    Close Combat is entering a busy area of the market and just can't compete

    Posted 2005-06-02T01:29:23Z by Tom Orry

  • Guild Wars Review

    Is this latest PC MMORPG a contender next to the mighty Warcraft?

    Posted 2005-05-31T12:41:59Z by Keza MacDonald

  • Area 51 Review

    The update to Midway's horrible lightgun series - has the transition to FPS helped at all?

    Posted 2005-05-27T14:09:24Z by Ian Dransfield

  • Spikeout: Battle Street Review

    Sega bring the arcades of '97 to Xbox Live but is it worth your 10p?

    Posted 2005-05-25T22:23:09Z by Struan Robertson

  • SRS: Street Racing Syndicate Review

    SRS: Street Racing Syndicate is eight months out of date and it shows

    Posted 2005-05-24T23:20:11Z by Tom Orry

  • Forza Motorsport Review

    Can Forza forgive give Xbox owners what they have been waiting for?

    Posted 2005-05-17T13:30:09Z by Tom Orry