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  • Dangerous Golf Review

    Fun in the short term, but lacks intensity and excitement.

    Posted by Steven Burns

  • Hard Reset Redux Review

    Hard Reset: Redux isn't an epic adventure by any means, but for the £14.99 price tag it delivers enough bang for your buck.

    Posted by Tom Orry

  • Hitman Episode Three – Marrakesh Review

    It doesn't hit the heights of Sapienza, but Marrakesh is another sterling Hitman episode.

    Posted by Steven Burns

  • Dead Island: Definitive Edition Review

    Dead Island Definitive Edition is a great example of how a previous gen title can be improved on current-gen. Techland has done more than required in porting the games over to PS4 and Xbox One.

    Posted by Tom Orry

  • Overwatch Review

    The more you play Overwatch the more you realise Blizzard thought of basically everything you might criticise it for.

    Posted by Alice Bell

  • The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Review

    Geralt’s final hours are his absolute best.

    Posted by Jamie Trinca

  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

    Changing aesthetic from 'Dry Urban Dilapidation Chic' to 'Irradiated Sea Fog Realness' is refreshing.

    Posted by Alice Bell

  • Lumo Review

    Lumo could have easily been another retro inspired title that did little other than revel in old-school visuals. It's actually a lovely trip down memory lane.

    Posted by Tom Orry

  • Homefront: The Revolution Review

    Not the disaster many had anticipated, but also fundamentally flawed.

    Posted by Steven Burns

  • Shadow of the Beast Review

    Shadow of the Beast is enjoyable, its combat smooth and rewarding, but high-score chasing isn't going to keep many players around for long once the credits roll.

    Posted by Tom Orry