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Pokémon Sun & Moon Review

Colm Ahern Updated on by

Coming back to Pokémon after twenty years

The phenomenon that was Pokémon Go may have been a poor game in the eyes of Colm but it did rekindle his interest in the series that he held so dear as a young Corkonian.

In his own words, it felt right to revisit the world of Pocket Monsters with Pokémon Sun & Moon.


The visual overhaul makes this the best looking Pokémon yet. Naturally, the amount of Pokémon on offer is almost insurmountable and will have you catching them all for quite a while, but be aware, they are a needy lot.
8 Great familiar battle system Best looking entry in the series Variation in trials Pokémon Research is dull

Pokemon Sun

on Nintendo 3DS

A new generation of Pokemon are here.

Release Date:

23 November 2016