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PlayStation VR Worlds Review

David Scammell Updated on by

PlayStation VR Worlds’ best mini-game is the one you’re least excited for

Dave gets sucked into the world of Danger Ball, a PlayStation VR Worlds mini-game that is essentially just Pong With Your Face.

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Version tested: PS4

Don’t play PlayStation VR Worlds’ Scavengers Odyssey after eating

Dave suffers from some unexpected motion sickness during one of PlayStation VR Worlds’ most intense experiences, but was it the game or his lunch?

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PlayStation VR Worlds impresses with its cinematic experiences and arcade thrills, but its lack of replayability means it should have been included free with the PS VR headset.
6 Danger Ball is solid arcade fun A good demonstration of PlayStation VR's capabilities Ultimately just tech demos Low replayability

PlayStation VR Worlds

on PlayStation 4

A collection of five VR ‘experiences’ coming to PlayStation VR, including The…

Release Date:

13 October 2016