by on Mar 6, 2017

NieR: Automata Review

This review was kindly done for us by Adam Cook. Find other cool stuff he’s been doing by visiting his Twitter.

For more thoughts on NieR: Automata check out the video and features below.

NieR Automata Screenshots

The wonderful weirdness of NieR: Automata

Freelancer Adam Cook loved NieR for it’s creative weirdness. Check out his feature for more thoughts on the matter.


NieR: Automata has more creativity and self-awareness in its little finger than most games have for their entire run time. Don’t miss this because it’s sandwiched between other, bigger games.
9 Creativity seeping from every pore Superb combat Witty, eloquent writing Frame rate could be better


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NieR: Automata

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

A new third-person action RPG from the studio behind Bayonetta.

Release Date:

10 March 2017