Think of Lemmings crossed with indie WiiWare game LostWinds and you've got Kami Retro, a game that's part old-school platformer and part obstacle avoiding survival sim. This combination, presented with brilliant retro-inspired visuals and audio, makes for a great little game ideally suited for iOS platforms.

Each stage is presented on a single screen, with a clear green start point and red end point. When you press the start point a little man pops out and you have to guide him to the goal, using finger swipes to make him jump or change direction. Once he's reached the end another guy pops out, and this is repeated until four men have been dispensed.

That's only part of the story, though, with the levels including a number of obstacles that can't be overcome by jumping alone. Each game world introduces a device that can be placed in the stage in order to prevent your guys from falling to their doom. Jump pads, springs, fans and cannons must be carefully placed in order for the men to safely reach the exit by doing nothing more than jump or change direction.

The introduction of movable devices adds an element of trial and error, but it's great when you manage to get all four guys home safely after putting all the pieces in the right position. Careful placement is paramount, as it's possible to make it home while missing some of the essential stars scattered around the levels - stars that unlock new game worlds.

With more than 60 stages to complete, Kami Retro will take some time to beat and even longer if you want to collect all the stars. Although reviewed with the game on sale for 59p, even at the standard price of £1.19 this is a quirky little title which stands out in a market swamped with clones.