Hitman GO is weird. For years we've been treated to Agent 47 quietly shuffling in the shadows, murdering people in cold blood as if it was the equivalent of you or I eating a sandwich. No fear*. No remorse. No problem. It may come as somewhat of a surprise then that the next step in the series is a smaller scaled affair on iOS.

At its heart nothing more than a simple 'get to the exit' puzzler, you're tasked with moving the killer around what is essentially a fixed board, small circles on the ground indicating where he both can and can't shift to. To ensure the game isn't the most straight-forward (and boring) invention on the planet, certain obstacles - in this case people - constantly threaten to get in 47's way.

While some of these mofos will stand still throughout the duration of a level, others will shift every time you ask our anti-hero to do the same - should he ever come face-to-face with one of these foes, they will send him packing.

It soon breaks down into a trial-and-error back and forth as you attempt to make your way around each miniature stage, see others before they see you and, when necessary, collect items. Objects are on hand, too, and on occasion you'll need these to distract and lure enemies into certain positions.

Although I've made it sound otherwise, it is incredibly simple to pick up and, more importantly, oddly addictive. Calls of 'This is bull!' soon gave way to having to return for just one more try. I can imagine it would be a wonderful experience for any commuter whose journey makes them want to tear their own ears off.

With a smart learning curve - it's still throwing new ideas at you well over 30 levels in - and an absolute barrel-load of content, I could call Hitman GO the surprise of the year. I'd only be doing that for hyperbole purposes, though. It's still pretty damn good...

*VideoGamer.com would like to apologise to anyone who does in fact eat a sandwich in fear.

Played on an iPhone 5 for 90 minutes.