by on Oct 4, 2016

FIFA 17 Review

Listen to Tom’s thoughts about FIFA 17 in this video review. With added Dave, and Messi in goal!

FIFA 17’s The Journey is EA’s best footballing move since Ultimate Team

Tom reckons FIFA 17’s story mode makes this year’s game the most appealing it’s been in years. While far from perfect, playing as Alex Hunter is great fun. Click here to read.

Version Tested: PS4



EA introduces FIFA's best new mode in years and delivers an excellent game on the pitch. The Journey may well bring back lapsed fans.
8 The Journey 'story' mode is really entertaining Gameplay is solid and in-depth FIFA Ultimate Team is as addictive as ever Not quite as fluid as PES 2017


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on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Promises true gameplay innovation with real play emotion.

Release Date:

29 September 2016