Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel Review -
David Scammell by on Feb 12, 2014

Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel Review

Over in just shy of an hour, the second Untold Stories episode follows a largely identical (and equally mundane) structure to that of its predecessor: introduce a new survivor, chuck in a handful of derivative fetch quests, and have players meander across the increasingly over-familiar play area destroying objects and finding collectibles to squeeze as much playtime out of as little content as possible.

Fallen Angel is marginally better than Operation Broken Eagle at least, with a slightly more interesting lead character and reasonable enough narrative, though neither will stay in the memory long after the credits roll. The 60-minute episode tells the story of infected illegal Angel Quijano, who, along with partner Doug, attempts to scavenge supplies and rescue other survivors from an untimely demise at the hands of the military. And, well… that’s about all there’s time for.

Fallen Angel often feels like an afterthought; a piece of content that exists purely to tick off a box and appease the money men. In fact, in what would perhaps highlight just how lazy Fallen Angel often seems, after studying the two characters side-by-side, I remain unconvinced that Capcom Vancouver has even bothered to create additional animations for the new female lead, instead – as with Broken Eagle’s Kane – appearing to lift them directly from hero character Nick. Just how much is the studio skimming off the side to pump out passionless premium content with minimal effort?

Ultimately, Fallen Angel’s thin narrative and unimaginative mission design does little to justify the £8 asking price, with the best fun coming from the new weapons on offer. The insta-gibbing Shockblaster rifle provides the greatest entertainment (even if it is introduced far too late to really make the most of), while the dual-wielding Machine Pistols prove to be amusingly overpowered when equipped by a high level character. But in a game that already provides hundreds of toys with which to blast, fry, zap or skewer zombies, the biggest question you should ask yourself when considering Fallen Angel is, are you really that desperate for half a dozen more?

Played for 1.5 hours.


Unless you’re in the market for a couple of cool new weapons, Fallen Angel does little to justify the price tag.
5 New weapons can be fun. Angel has far more character than Kane. Boring, uninspired missions. Lacks imagination, effort and variety.


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Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel

on Xbox One

The second episode of Dead Rising 3 tells the tale of Angel,…

Release Date:

11 February 2014