• VideoGamer Podcast #278: Red Dead of its time

    We've finally seen Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay and it's made us more excited for the final game, We Happy Few has its moments but Colm's happy enough to not be playing it, Josh and Rich have been getting in a particular State of Mind.

    Posted 2018-08-15T10:13:21Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #277: Web Hot American Summer

    Mike's been burning down kitchens in Overcooked 2, Colm's played the opening of Spider-Man, Josh has had a go on Strange Brigade, and a special guest is on to chat the new hotness Disney Infinity 3.0.

    Posted 2018-08-08T11:32:37Z by ColmAhern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #276: O Brother, Where Art Pow!

    Fortnite is a popular video game and EA might be thinking about battle royale, Josh recently had the chance to play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rich comes back to tell Colm something upsetting about Detroit.

    Posted 2018-08-01T08:05:37Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #275: The Scarlett Better

    Microsoft apparently looks to the Cloud with the Xbox Scarlett family of consoles, Josh thinks the pre-order bonus of Hitman: Sniper Assassin may be the best Hitman game he's ever played, and Colm has been playing detective game A Case of Distrust.

    Posted 2018-07-25T11:54:22Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #274: A Few Happy Good Men

    Rich has been playing We Happy Few (again) but thinks it's looking better than it has before, Colm's been loving life as both a mushroom in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and a pinball postman in Yoku's Island Express, and say hello to Josh.

    Posted 2018-07-18T10:31:27Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #273: And I Will Try New Kiryu

    Nathan Drake's luck runs out in Uncharted, Rich has given the Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo a go and is as excited as you'd think he'd be, and as well as that he thinks The Incredibles is the best Lego game in quite some time.

    Posted 2018-07-11T09:19:32Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #272: Semi-solid Crew

    Google might be entering the games space with streaming platform Yeti, while freelancer Adam Cook comes on to chat about his time with the mediocre racer The Crew 2, as well as his brief time with Fortnite's new Playground mode.

    Posted 2018-07-04T09:31:23Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #271: Spirit Squad

    Bethesda is definitely happy with the folks behind the Westworld game, Colm and Rich have been donning their superhero capes in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, whilst Jim's loving what he's played of Vampyr.

    Posted 2018-06-27T09:43:31Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #270: The Cyberpunk House Rules

    The lads clean up all the post-E3 stuff and Cyberpunk 2077 leads the way as everyone that saw it thinks it's the best game ever, Death Stranding is about reconnecting the world apparently, and Rich has been playing some of Unravel Two.

    Posted 2018-06-20T10:46:17Z by Colm Ahern

  • VideoGamer Podcast #269: E3 2018 - PlayStation, Nintendo

    It’s a special edition of the VideoGamer Podcast today as we’re bringing you our reactions right after the Sony and Nintendo pressers. Hear chat on games like Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and loads more.

    Posted 2018-06-12T18:55:54Z by Colm Ahern